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Information from A to Z


When you arrive, please make an appointment at our office to sign the contract.

Avoiding mould

To avoid mould growth in the flat, please air the entire flat for approx. 10 minutes every day. Open all windows and turn off the radiators. We also ask you to leave the door to the bathroom open and open the windows after taking a shower. This will also prevent mould in the bathrooms.

If this is not done, we will unfortunately have to charge you for the cleaning costs!

Baby bed

If you arrive with an infant/baby, we have the possibility to provide you with a baby cot free of charge in our guesthouses.


Volksbank Mittelhessen

Schiffenberger Weg 110

35394 Gießen

Sparkasse Gießen

Jahnstraße 3

35390 Gießen


Neuen Bäue 2

35390 Gießen


Frankfurter Str. 4

35390 Gießen

Bed Linen

Your bed linen will be changed every 14 days by our cleaning personnel. For this purpose, please bring your linen to our cleaning personnel and you will receive new bed linen.


You can park your own bike in front of the guesthouse at the designated bike racks. Likewise, you can park your bike in one of our garages. Please inquire in the office.

Car rental

SIXT Car rental Gießen

Licher Straße 157

35394 Gießen

Phone: +49 641 95033079

Avis Car rental

Schiffenberger Weg 117

35394 Gießen

Phone: +49 641 3996600

Europcar Car rental

Schiffenberger Weg 120

35394 Gießen

Phone:+49 641 969870


Childrens’s playground/Playroom

In front of our guesthouse Alter Steinbacher Weg 58 is a sandbox and a swing, which you are welcome to use. In the playroom of both guesthouses (first floor) we provide toys for the sandbox.

After playing, however, please put them back in their place.


The rental contract will be signed and explained after arrival at the guesthouse in the office. Please bring along  the deposit in cash to this appointment.

Consumtion of electricity

The electricity consumed is read by the guesthouse staff at the end of the month and an invoice is issued. This will be placed in your letterbox and is due immediately! You can pay the bill in cash at the guesthouse office or by bank transfer.

Cleaning charge

For a stay of more than 14 days, a one-time payment for the final cleaning of your apartment is due with the last month's rent. Please refer to your rental contract for the amount.

Departure day

Subject to special arrangements, the apartment must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure.


We kindly ask you to make an appointment with the guesthouse management one week before departure to check out. The apartment inspection is only possible during the opening hours of the guesthouse management!


Please do not forget anything private in the apartment!


The used electricity will be read by the staff of the guesthouse at the end of the month, an invoice will be created and this will be placed in your mailbox. This is due immediately! You can pay the bill in cash at the guesthouse office or by bank transfer.

Emergency number

Fire brigade 112

Emergeny doctor/Rescue services 112

Police 110

If you smell gas (towngas/natural gas) 708-0

Technical emergency desk JLU +49 641 12666

German Post

If you would like to send parcels or letters or pick up parcels, you can do so at the following address:

Deutsche Post Filiale im REWE-Center

Ferniestrasse 4

35390 Gießen

Garbage separation

Waste is collected and disposed of separately in the guesthouse.

  •     Plastic - In a yellow bag and then in the yellow bin.
  •     Paper - into the blue dustbin
  •     Please dispose of organic and residual waste in the black bin.

For more information, please see the information folder in your flat.

House rules

As a resident or visitor of the guest house, you are obliged to comply with the house rules enclosed in the information folder. Please be considerate of your fellow residents and treat the house and its furnishings with care.

Internet (Eduroam)

As a guest researcher at Justus Liebig University Giessen or as a resident of the guest house, you have the possibility to apply for internet access at the University IT Centre (HRZ). You can receive internet in the guest house via LAN connection and WirelessLan (W-Lan).

To use WLAN, you need to download and install Eduroam. Then you can log in with your JLU account number + password.


We ask you to take particular care of your keys. Any loss represents a security risk and is associated with considerable costs. Lost keys must be replaced. Please do not forget to return your keys to the office before departure.

Language courses

If you would like to learn a new language, you can contact the following addresses:


Volkshochschule Gießen

Fröbelstraße 65

35394 Gießen

Phone: +49 641 306-2474

E-Mail: vhs




The mailbox is located in Alter Steinbacher Weg 56 to the left of the front door and in Alter Steinbacher Weg 58 directly in front of the guesthouse. This is where you will receive your mail and messages from the house. Please check it daily!

Linen Charge

You can drop off towels, bath towels, shower mats, dishcloths, etc. every Monday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on the first floor of Alter Steinbacher Weg 56. You will receive new ones from us.


The same applies to the guesthouse Alter Steinbacher Weg 58, except that the laundry is handed out there on Tuesdays from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.


Please bring your bed linen (pillowcase, duvet cover and fitted sheet) every fortnight. In the course of this, you will directly receive new linen.


The in-house laundry room is located in Alter Steinbacher Weg 56 in the basement of the house. In Alter Steinbacher Weg 58 it is located on the first floor of the house.

Two washing machines and two dryers are available for our guests.  The use of the washing machines and dryers is free of charge.

Monthly Rent

The rental contract will be signed and explained after arrival in the office of the guest house. Please already bring the deposit in cash to this appointment.

The monthly rents are to be paid by the 3rd of the month at the latest. You are welcome to pay the rent in cash or transfer it online if you have opened an account.

If your stay in the guesthouse is less than 14 days, you will receive an invoice which will be issued in our office and which is to be paid immediately!


The office is your central contact point for questions, suggestions and requests. You can reach us by phone +49 (641) 99 12537 or by e-mail: Gaestehaeuser


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9.00-12.00 hrs

Thursdays by prior arrangement also after 12.00 p.m

On weekends and holidays the office is closed!

Parking places

If you arrive with your own car or rent a car, there is a parking lot on the premises of the guesthouse. Parking is free of charge.


The following pharmacies are located in the immediate vicinity of the Guesthouse:

Sonnen Apotheke

Memeler Str. 1

35394 Gießen

Phone +49 641 46717

Other pharmacies in Giessen:


Marktstraße 2                      

35390 Giessen                       

Phone: +49 641 33376          

Neue Apotheke

Grünberger Str. 20

35390 Giessen

Phone: +49 641 932810

Apotheke Ludwigsplatz

Ludwigsplatz 11

35390 Giessen

Phone: +49 641 975880


In our apartments there is a telephone which you can get activated in the office of the administration. The monthly basic price is 4.09 euros plus the telephone costs incurred in a month.

Registration city Giessen

If you stay in Germany for longer than four weeks, you must register with the relevant registration office (the City of Giessen). You will receive the filled-in housing provider certificate from us when you sign the contract.

You have two weeks to register with the city of Giessen!


Stadt Giessen

Berliner Platz 1 (Ground Floor)

35390 Giessen

Contact: +49 641 306-1234

Email: stadtbuero

More Information:


We kindly inform you that smoking is prohibited in all our guest houses. Please only smoke outside, you will find an ashtray there.



You can buy food in the immediate vicinity:

REWE Center          

Fernie-Straße 4        

35394 Geßen            


Schiffenberger Weg 106

35394 Giessen


Raiffeisenstrasse 1

35394 Giessen


Here you can find some Taxi companies in Giessen:

TOP Car Gießen                               

Westanlage 53                            

35390 Gießen                                     

Phone: +49 641 5572                     

Mini Car Giessen

Marburger Strasse 59

35396 Giessen

Phone: +49 641 42011

Lahn City Car

Leimenkauter Weg 24-28

35398 Giessen

Phone: +49 641 82082


Visitors may stay overnight in our guest houses. We provide an extra bed, bed linen and towels. The cost of an extra bed is as follows:

First night  12,00€

2.-6. night 8,00 €

from the 7th night 6,00€

Please register your guest at the guesthouse administration office and ask for a bed. You will receive the invoice separately.