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Teaching Concepts

This prize is awarded to a teaching concept developed at JLU with content and methodological reference to education for sustainable development (ESD) and includes prize money of €1,500.

Link: Regulation for awarding the sustainability prizes for outstanding teaching concepts at Justus Liebig University Giessen from April 18, 2023.

Thanks to the financial support of the Sustainability Promotion Fund, it is possible to award a teaching concept developed at JLU that is related to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in terms of content and methodology. This prize is open to all individuals who independently conduct or significantly design courses at JLU. All members and affiliates of Justus Liebig University Giessen are eligible to nominate candidates. Self-applications are possible.

The proposals must be substantiated in detail and sent by May 15 of each year in electronic form (Nachhaltigkeit)
with the following attachments:

  • The teaching concept, stating the main person responsible and the organizational unit at which the person is employed, the course, the target group, the period of implementation (planned or already completed), the learning objectives, learning content, and learning organization, as well as an explanation of the methods used and, if applicable, the form of examination
  • An evaluation of the course or an explanation of the planned practical implementation

The Joint Commission for Sustainability, appointed by the executive board and senate, takes on the task of assessing the teaching concepts proposed for an award and submitting a list of teaching concepts worthy of an award to the executive board for a decision. The degree of innovation and interdisciplinarity of the teaching concepts and, in the case of courses that have not yet been implemented, their prospects for implementation are assessed.

The prize money of €1,500 will be paid to the professorship, institute, or center where the person responsible for the award-winning teaching concept is employed. The prize money must be earmarked for measures in the area of study and teaching, ideally with an ESD connection, no later than one year after the award is made.

Sustainability Office (Nachhaltigkeit), Magdalena Tanzer (0641) 99-16373