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#1 Digital Teaching Literacy

Digital teaching literacy may be translated as "higher education didactic action competence in digitally supported teaching and learning settings" (see also Glossary entry Digital Teaching Literacy). In order to support university lecturers in the development of their digital teaching literacy, NIDIT offers them exchanges with impulse lectures, Open Educational Resources (OER), individual consultations as well as further and advanced training courses in higher education didactics, also in cooperation with the Hochschuldidaktisches Netzwerk Mittelhessen (HDM).

The brief exchange formats on innovative teaching formats are offered during lunchtime and are open to all teachers at the three universities and, in some cases, even beyond:  

You will find the short formats for higher education didactics as well as continuing and further education courses in our NIDIT  calendar and the HDM events overview.

The outcomes and OER of all NIDIT project measures are made available sustainably and publicly in the NIDIT media library or are linked there.

In this video you will get a small insight into package of measures #1 from our kick-off event in German and English: