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NIDIT Lunch Bag Session | Innovative Teaching Labs for Digital Teaching Literacy


Apr 12, 2023 from 12:00 to 02:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)



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The use of digital media in university teaching can bring many advantages for lecturers and students - but often also raises new questions, especially for lecturers: What options do I have to support my teaching with digital media? What legal aspects do I have to consider? Which tools and methods are best suited to my teaching situation, my target group and my learning/teaching objectives? How much effort does the use of a certain tool mean for me - and what are the benefits for me and my students?

These are just a few of the questions you (need to) address if you want to use digital media in your teaching.
With the NIDIT Lunch Bag Session, we would like to offer you regular opportunities, starting in the summer semester of 2022, to clarify these and other questions in exchange with colleagues, to share your own experiences, and to develop new ideas together.


our offer

The NIDIT Lunch Bag Session was set up to offer you the opportunity to discuss all your questions and experiences regarding the use of digital media in university teaching in an informal atmosphere. In the new edition of the Lunch Bag Session, the staff members of the project "NIDIT - Network for Impactful Digital International Teaching Skills" will be available to give you advice and support.

The offer is meant to support you... deal constructively with the use of digital media in university teaching. realistically assess the advantages and disadvantages as well as the costs and benefits of using special e-learning tools. reflect on and design e-learning/blended learning scenarios together with (interdisciplinary) colleagues - and, if necessary, to apply ideas from different subject areas to their own teaching practice.




  • Innovative Teaching Labs for Digital Teaching Literacy | tba (With Maraike Büst und Eva Dabrowski)


Tablet, laptop (or smartphone) required.

  • Didactic possibilities of using games in university teaching (tba (LevelUp))

Video games have long since left their place as a niche medium and established themselves in the mainstream. Playing digital games is part of the everyday life of most teachers, researchers and students - be it out of boredom, as a form of recreation, competitively or together with friends. The use of games with educational claims ("serious games") is also not new, but raises very specific questions, especially in the university context, which often cannot be covered in general. Regardless of the technical questions, it is worth taking a look at the medium itself: What makes a good game? What is motivating about a game? Which emotions are addressed and how? How can I use this for my teaching? And when does it even make sense? The lunch bag session offers an introduction for teachers who have not yet dealt with the medium or who have not yet had the technical confidence to do so.

Tablet, laptop (or smartphone) required.

  • Badges and digital awards with ILIAS and Moodle (With Albrecht Metzler)
Digital awards for university staff in the form of badges are likely to become more important in the course of future LMS upgrades, but are already available to us now. In this LunchBag session, we will look at the functions, creation/design and awarding of badges within our learning management systems (ILIAS and Moodle). We will also talk about our respective uses in our LMS courses. An outlook on microdegrees and digital backpacks outside the university will round off the LunchBag session.


Tablet, laptop (or smartphone) required.

  • Instagram for university teachers (With Maraike Büst)


Tablet, laptop (or smartphone) required.

This course can be credited with 2 units towards the certificate "Competence for Professional University Teaching" of the Hochschuldidaktisches Netzwerk Mittelhessen (HDM).