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FAQ´s - Face-to-face courses (English version)

Who can take part?

The buildings and outdoor venues of Justus Liebig University will continue to stay closed to the public. Entry to the sports campus is only allowed for members of JLU (guests and students from other universities are excluded) and all members must adhere to the guidelines given by RKI. Participation in our face-to-face courses is only possible for students and employees of JLU, THM and PUM.

Which courses are on offer?

Only courses with obligatory registration and non-contact sports and movement-activity courses are offered. Team sports are not offered for the time being. Here you can find an overview of the courses on offer.

Can I join in without signing up or attend a trial session?

Due to the current situation there is no trial week. You must be registered with ahs. You cannot attend otherwise.

Which hygiene rules apply for the sports courses?

In addition to the hygiene measures provided by ahs already, there will be new procedures and a new code of conduct in place for the face-to-face courses. Compliance with these measures is obligatory. By registering for a course, participants officially accept these hygiene measures and confirm their compliance.   


Key points in brief:

  • Participation is only possible, if there are no impairments to health and/or symptoms of any diseases. Admission to courses is not possible for people with symptoms of a cold or flu
  • Please notice the route guidance system and keep a minimum distance of 1.5m at the campus
  • Code of conduct and hygiene measures must be followed before, during and after a training session
  • Changing rooms and showers are closed and must not be used
  • At all opening hours of the sports venues, distance has to be kept
  • All exercises and training measures are to be performed without physical contact
  • Bring your own mat, towel, racket etc.
  • Leave the sports venue immediately after the end of the training session


You can find all hygiene protection measures and regulations to participation in the face-to-face courses of the Academic Sports Services here.

Do I need a negative COVID-19 rapid test result or proof of vaccination to take part in the face-to-face courses?

All face-to-face courses take place outside. The minimum distance requirements can be adhered at all times. A negative COVID-19 rapid test result or proof of vaccination is not mandatory to take part in the face-to-face courses. Nevertheless, we recommend to be tested prior to participation.

Can I currently use the JLU sports facilities?

The JLU committee has decided that the JLU sports facilities (both indoor and outdoor) will stay closed to non-members of JLU and will not be available for informal activities. 


You can find more information here.

What is the participation fee for the face-to-face courses?

In the course description you will find detailed information regarding the fees.

How can I register?

Course registration is done via the ahs-website.

We will collect and store personal data that are exclusively used and processed for administrative purposes.

All participants must to register  with name, address, email address and telephone number in order to be able to trace back any chain of infection.

If you have any problems with registration, please contact us by email

To find the information sheet on data protection rule of Allgemeiner Hochschulsport (Academic Sports Service) of Justus Liebig University, click here.

Click here to register.

Why do I have to give an email address?

We need your email address so we can inform you about free places, extra classes, changes to classes, cancellation of classes etc. Your participation ticket and the SEPA mandate also need to be sent to you in digital form.

You must give us a valid email address and please make sure there are no mistakes in it.

Why do I have to give a telephone number?

All participants must to register  with name, address, email address and telephone number in order to be able to trace back any chain of infection.

How does the waiting list work?

If a class is fully booked, you can put your email address on the waiting list. This counts as registration for the ahs information service. Should a place become vacant for the class you wanted to attend, everyone on the waiting list will be informed by email. The first person to book the place will receive it.

How can I pay my course fee?

The course fee can only be paid by direct debit (SEPA).

After you have registered online, the booking confirmation and the SEPA direct debit mandate, indicating the mandate reference and JLU Giessen creditor ID, will be automatically sent to the email address you have provided.

Amounts will be debited once a week (usually at the beginning of the week, i.e. on a Monday). If the Monday is a public holiday, the amounts due will be debited on the following working day.

Your binding booking and your acceptance of the ahs terms and conditions of registration and participation confirm acceptance of the new SEPA direct debit system.

Who should I send the SEPA mandate to?

You can drop off the signed SEPA mandate at the ahs office letter box or send it to: ahs-Büro, Kugelberg 58, 35394 Giessen. It is not possible to hand the mandate in personally.

What will happen if the class fee isn’t debited successfully?

If there is insufficient coverage in your account or if the account details are wrong, any costs incurred will be charged to you in full.

Any participant this may concern will be informed by email and asked to transfer immediately, within a fixed period of time, the outstanding class fee plus the costs incurred (usually plus € 4.50) if your account cannot cover the amount. If, after the period has elapsed, the amount due has not been received by Justus Liebig University, the participant will be excluded from taking part in any classes offered by ahs and barred from online registration. Justus Liebig University Giessen also reserves the right to initiate a collection procedure.

Can I revoke a booking (reclaim payment)?

Pursuant to §8 (4) of the ahs-Statute, the following regulation applies: "Admission is binding and not transferable. Termination and possible re-constitution of the contract of usage (cancellation, re-booking) are only possible if classes or events do not take place pursuant to Para. 1."

Can I cancel my participation in an ahs class?

You can cancel your participation in a class or classes any time. However, the course fee(s) cannot be refunded.

What will happen if a class is cancelled?

If there are not enough participants for a particular class, ahs may combine it with another or cancel it entirely. If there is no substitute class, participants will receive a full refund of the class fee. Participants are not entitled to demand that a class takes place.

If individual sessions are cancelled, e.g. if the course instructor is ill, ahs will attempt to find a substitute instructor or else arrange for a make-up session.


ahs is not obliged to offer a make-up session in the case of a cancelled session

  • if the day of the class is a public holiday,
  • if the class instructor cannot attend and ahs is unable to find a qualified substitute at short notice or to offer alternative classes or to find a date for a make-up session,
  • if classes are disrupted (by construction work, renovation, repairs etc.),
  • if the sports facility concerned has been booked for competitions, in-house training or other events,
  • owing to adverse weather conditions,
  • owing to an Act of God.

Can I swap with someone or transfer my place in a class to someone else?

It is not permissible to swap with someone or transfer a place to any other person. Your booking is valid only for yourself and is therefore not transferable.

It is also not possible to give your place to someone you have selected. People on the waiting list will be treated equally in their chance to book the place once it becomes vacant.

Am I insured when I take part in face-to-face courses?

Accidents must be reported immediately to the ahs office.

Safeguarding a claim resulting from possible aftereffects: in the case of minor injuries, strained muscles etc., the course instructor must enter the details of the accident in the first-aid book (in the first-aid box). A claim can only be supported if aftereffects can be proved to have been caused in connection with attendance of an ahs session.

In case the costs have to be borne by the “Landesunfallkasse” (Hessian State Accident Insurance), the accident must be registered on the forms for students or staff as appropriate. The forms are available in the ahs office or can be downloaded here.

Justus Liebig University members of staff are insured for any official class/event organised by ahs provided such class/event fulfils the conditions of company sport (e.g. to compensate for work-related strain, regular sessions, supervision by an official course instructor, exclusivity).

In the case of “Beamte” (civil servants), an accident at an ahs event is not classed as an accident at work. In this case you cannot put in a claim for accident compensation.

The body responsible for ahs and ahs staff are not liable for damages (e.g. in the case of theft or damage to private property).

Participants are recommended to take out liability insurance for coverage in case of damage to property belonging to a third party or personal injury to a third party resulting in a liability claim.

See the information sheet here.

Concise “ahs rules of the game”

Please be fair and observe the following rules:

  • Be on time.
  • Code of conduct and hygiene measures must be followed before, during and after a training session.
  • Treat ahs equipment in such a way that groups after you can use it, too.
  • Respect the regulations given to you by class instructors and caretakers.
  • As a general rule, you are not allowed to photograph or video class instructors and/or participants in ahs classes.

If you do wish to take photographs or video, you must consult the ahs management in advance stating a plausible reason and also receive the permission of anyone who is likely to be photographed or filmed.

Lost property

Lost property can be handed over to the caretakers at Kugelberg. If you have lost anything, please also contact the caretakers. The caretakers’ office is in the corridor next to the swimming pool.

If you wish to enquire after lost property, please contact only the Campus Sport/Kugelberg caretaker team:


Tel.: 0641-9925280

The ahs Team cannot help in the case of lost property. Please do not send any enquiries to the ahs office, but contact the Campus Sport/Kugelberg caretaker team.


Unfortunately, there is a risk of theft at any facility used by ahs, particularly in the changing rooms. We recommend not leaving valuables unattended and not bringing valuables to ahs classes because ahs and the university cannot be made liable.

Privacy notice

To find the information sheet on data protection rule of Allgemeiner Hochschulsport (Academic Sports Service) of Justus Liebig University, click here.

I have different questions. Who can help?

Please send all general questions to this e-mail address:

We will be pleased to answer your questions about registration if you send it to this e-mail address:

Where can I get information about all measures and regulations at the JLU concerning the corona virus crisis?

For JLU-wide questions about the pandemic situation regularly updated information and FAQs can be obtained on the JLU website. Please click on the following link.