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History and Culture (MA)

Taught in German


Magister Artium/Magistra Artium (MA)

Duration of studies

4 semesters - 120 credit points (CP)


since 18 May 2010


The 4-semester multi-subject Master`s course History and Culture (Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften (GuK)) is a strongly research-oriented Master`s degree course. It provides the framework for a combination of a variety of historically, philologically and culturally-oriented study subjects of the faculties 03 and 04, e.g. the subjects Protestant and Catholic Theology, History, Eastern European History, Classical Archaeology, Greek and Latin Philology, Art History, Art Education, Music, Music Education and Philosophy. It is also structured such that its individual subjects can be combined with the philological subjects of the faculty 05 (German Studies, English Language, Romance Languages, Slavic Languages) and with the subjects Sociology, Political Science and Education (faculty 03). The subjects which have come together in the multi-subject course of studies History and Culture have configured their syllabuses in such a way so that they are able to combine not only among themselves but also to allow participation in further subjects.
Within the framework of the multi-subject Master`s course History and Culture, the students extend their historical, critical-hermeneutic and also philological and rhetorical linguistic competences, which were acquired in preceding BA studies at JLU Gießen or equivalent humanistic BA studies at other universities. Students will also deal with art education and artistic design. With this the graduates are not only all personally and academically set for everyday life in science-, media- and information-based society, but also for the taking over of higher social responsibility.
They can recognize and understand developments in society, science and their professional area quickly and react adequately and flexibly.

Entrance and language requirements

The requirement for acceptance into the Master`s course is to have completed a Bachelor`s degree with a relevant subject profile depending on the favoured subjects and a final mark of "good" or better. Additionally, some subjects require a proof of sufficient language knowledge and/or aptitude tests.
For the subjects certain study and language skills are required. These are published in the Mitteilungen der Universität Gießen – MUG (official announcements of Justus Liebig University). Please also read the Studies Information (Studieninformationen) and if necessary, talk to the relevant faculty/department. Insofar as a minor subject from another Master`s course has been chosen in the MA course History and Culture, the study requirements which apply for this course of study are valid. Information on study requirements.

Application and admission

  • The degree course is not limited internally.
  • The general application deadline of JLU Gießen is July 15 for the winter semester.
  • Important information about the application procedure.
  • Please note that the application period for the Master's course can be extended. This information will be published here (in German).
  • Special regulations apply to foreign applicants or those who gained their university-entrance qualifications abroad. More on this...

Commencement of studies

In the winter semester

Composition of degree programme

  1. The standard period of study is 4 semesters and this course of study consists of a major subject which covers 50 credit points (CP) and an ancillary subject with 40 credit points.
  2. The thesis (30 CP) can only be written in the major subject.
The possible combinations are
(Note: Identically named courses may not be combined.)

Subject Major subject
(50 CP)
Minor subject
(40 CP)
Combination Rules
Protestant Theology   
pdfStudy Guide (in German)
X Protestant Theology may not be combined with the minor subject Catholic Theology

Journalism and Public History

pdfStudy Guide (in German)

pdfStudy Guide (in German)
Greek Philology
pdf Study Guide (in German)
Catholic Theology
pdf Study Guide (in German)
X X Catholic Theology may not be combined with the minor subject Protestant Theology
Art History
pdf Study Guide (in German)
X X Art History may not be combined with the minor subject Art Education
Art Education
pdf Study Guide (in German)


X X Art Education may not be combined with the minor subject Art History
Classical Archaeology
 pdf Study Guide (in German)


Latin Philolgy
 pdf Study Guide (in German) 


 pdf Study Guide (in German)
Eastern European History
 pdfStudy Guide (in German)
 pdfStudy Guide (in German)
pdfStudy Guide (in German)
pdfStudy Guide (in German)
Political Science
pdfStudy Guide (in German)
in the English Department ***
the following minor subjects: English Cultural Studies**; English Literary Studies**, English Linguistics
in the German Department ***
the following minor subjects: Computerlinguistics and Text Technology, German as a Foreign Language, German Linguistics: Texts-Media-Language Competence; German Literary Studies: German Literature - German Literatures
Romance Studies ***
the following minor subjects: French, Spain
in the Slavistic Department ***
the following minor subjects: Russion, Slavic Linguistics, Slavic Languages and Culteres, Czech, Polish, Croatian/ Serbian

** As of winter semester 2013/14 JLU will probably combine the two subjects English Literary Studies and English Cultural Studies. The new single subject Anglophone Literary, Cultural, and Media Studies will be introduced. Please see these pages for latest updates.

*** Studiy information: M.A. Language, Literature, Culture

Further information

Study Counselling

Study advisers of the single subjects in the MA degree programme "Language, Literature, Culture" can be found in the PDF document Counselling and Information in Combined Courses of Study (BA and MA) (in German).