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Informationen zum Umgang mit der Coronavirus-Pandemie

  • Hauptgebäude der JLU

Informationen zum neuartigen Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)


FAQ zum neuartigen Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

FAQ English version

Stand 16. Juli 2020 - For English version please see below



Update vom 16. Juli 2020 zum Umgang mit dem Coronavirus



Update from 16 July 2020 on how to deal with the coronavirus

As of tomorrow, we leave behind the first “corona semester”, and all of
you - whether students or employees - have more than earned a summer
break. As you can also see in the current video message from the
, we are extremely grateful for
the way you have dealt with the challenges of the past four months. We
are now turning our attention to the 2020/21 winter semester, which will
begin on 2 November 2020.

We must all be very aware of the following aspect: A university is
neither a school nor a restaurant. If we only take into account the
campus area of the Philosophikum, there are already more than 10,000
people studying and doing research at normal times. They do not move
around in fixed groups, but they rather keep coming together in new
constellations. Until the year 2021, we will have to adhere to the
well-known and already often practiced distance and hygiene regulations.
A complete opening of all campus areas by the winter semester is not an
option under these current conditions. Instead, the following applies:
As during the summer semester, we will hold those courses where
attendance is absolutely necessary. In addition, further face-to-face
courses will be offered, provided that the hygiene and distance rules
can be observed. Naturally, will have to limit ourselves in this
respect: under the current pandemic conditions, we can only use
maximally 15% of the available seats in our seminar rooms and lecture
halls. Many courses will thus have to continue digitally.

The crisis management committee (Krisenstab Pandemie) discussed the
plans of the individual faculties for the coming winter semester in
detail for the first time yesterday. Once again, it has become clear
that there will not be one general solution for all subject areas. While
a large proportion of the students would like to see more face-to-face
teaching in one faculty, and while digital teaching should be continued
as far as possible in another faculty, other subjects (be it the medical
and scientific subjects, sports science or even artistic subjects)
require a certain amount of face-to-face teaching instead.

The "maximally digital" summer semester 2020 presented a situation that
was new and very uncertain for all of us, and a large part of the
decisions had to be made centrally under great time pressure and under
rapidly changing official regulations. In contrast to this, the
faculties will now have more individual responsibility in deciding on
the forms of teaching for the upcoming winter semester. The deaneries
will finalise their respective plans in the coming weeks. By
mid-September, all faculty-specific concepts should be transparently
accessible via our homepage, so that students can use them as a basis to
decide individually to what extent they can and want to be present in
Giessen and at JLU during the winter semester.

One of our most important goals will be to enable our students in the
first and second semester to get to know JLU properly with an
appropriate level of face-to-face events. In this regard, individual
concepts are currently being developed in the respective subject areas,
and we will provide information about these in September as well.

Free examination attempt regulation

We are very pleased to inform you today that the Senate decided on a
comprehensive free attempt regulation for all examinations under
supervision (such as written and oral exams) in its meeting yesterday.
For these examinations under the responsibility of JLU, the following
applies: Any failed attempt, i.e. a not passed attempt (nicht
bestanden), after 12 March 2020 will be counted once as an open attempt
and will not be counted towards the number of possible examination
attempts. Federal or state regulations on state examinations remain
unaffected by this regulation.

International researchers and students

The gradual lifting of the EU-wide travel restrictions for third country
travellers allows international students, doctoral students and
researchers to (re-)enter Germany for study or research purposes. For
nationals of some third countries, entry to Germany is possible without
restriction due to low infection rates (based on the current
recommendation of the European Council). All other third-country
nationals may enter Germany for study purposes (this includes the
doctorate / doctoral thesis as well) and for research purposes if the
studies or the research project cannot be carried out entirely from
abroad. This situation must be confirmed by the German host institution,
and a corresponding confirmation must be presented in the visa procedure
and at border controls. International students, doctoral students and
researchers at JLU can contact the International Office (AAA):
(AAA Secretariat; phone:


We will continue to keep you updated on developments during the summer -
among other things via the FAQ on the homepage. We will of course still
be available for any questions at or . All of us learn from the daily
news that the pandemic has not vanished. No one can reliably predict how
the situation will develop during autumn and winter. We must therefore
continue to go with maximum attention and to be ready to stop any moment
also in the future - a short-term change of course may become necessary
at any time. Under these circumstances, we kindly ask everyone to
continue to take the distance and hygiene regulations seriously.