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Research Network Digitalization

Today, the internet (connectivity everywhere), storage capacity (cloud computing), big data, as well as connectivity-enabling sensors and devices (cyber physical systems) provide new technological solutions for dissolving boundaries and integration between companies labeled with keywords such as digitalization, internet of things, or Industry 4.0. A broad effect of digitalization is that it increasingly initiates disruptive innovations, forcing companies across industrial sectors to undergo a digital overhaul of their business models, processes, and products. Failures in this digital transformation pose threats to companies’ very existence. In general, digitalization has led to dissolving boundaries between industries, businesses, functions, and products while, at the same time, enabling new types of integration between these aspects.


The aim of the research network “Digitalization” is to analyze conceptually and empirically this phenomenon of dissolving boundaries and integration between industries, companies, functions, and products. Based on these insights, our goal is to develop a theory of dissolving boundaries in the age of digitalization and, thus, to build a new base for successfully managing organizations in the digital transformation era. The research network includes, but is not limited to these areas of research.