Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Research fields

Research area 1: Dissolving boundaries and integration between industries

  • Which types of and roles in ecosystems do exist? How is competitive advantage created in ecosystems on corporate and network level?
  • What are fundamental economic drivers in platform businesses compared to pipeline businesses? What are recurring failure and success factors of firms operating in platform markets? How do matchmakers, firms, and customers dynamically interact over time at multisided platforms?

Research area 2: Dissolving boundaries and integration between companies

  • How can collaboration between companies and their network partners (including information and decision-making processes) be designed to enable optimal value creation?
  • How can companies meet the challenges and opportunities of digitalization to identify market developments and opportunities as early as possible and to address (potential) customers at the right time and in the right context of their decision-making process for real-time decisions?

Research area 3: Dissolving boundaries and integration between internal company functions

  • How can companies effectively transform traditional organizational structures into flexible and dynamic network designs? How is it possible to establish cooperation between traditionally unconnected individuals and work units?
  • What qualification and motivation do employees need to work effectively in flexible, digitally driven forms of collaboration? How can formal hierarchical leadership stimulate informal, collective, and emergent forms of leadership and enable their success?

Research area 4: Dissolving boundaries and integration between products

  • Which new models and methods can be used to systematically develop and evaluate successful innovations?
  • How can companies effectively leverage big data from the connectivity of products for the development of services and thus, optimally make use of blurring boundaries and integration at different levels?