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Dimitris Voudouris, Ph.D.



Postdoctoral researcher

Room 342, Building F2
Telephone:+49 (0)641 99 26132
Fax: +49 (0)641 99 26119


I am interested in the sensory control of human movement with two foci: the use of eye and head movements for motor control, and the role of motor actions on sensory (tactile) processing. I primarily combine eye and body motion tracking with psychophysics.


Scientific Training & Education


since 05/2014


Postdoctoral researcher
Sensorimotor control of human action
Department of Psychology, Justus Liebig University Giessen
with Prof. Katja Fiehler

2013 - 2014

Postdoctoral researcher
Eye movements in human grasping control
Department of Human Movement Sciences, Vrije University Amsterdam
with Dr Eli Brenner & Prof. Jeroen Smeets


Thesis: The end (of grasping movements)
Department of Human Movement Sciences, Vrije University Amsterdam
with Dr Eli Brenner & Prof. Jeroen Smeets


M.Sc. - Physical Education and Quality of Life
Thesis: Effects of aging when avoiding moving obstacles
Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Aristotle University Thessaloniki
with Prof. Vassilia Hatzitaki


B.Sc. - Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Aristotle University Thessaloniki





Gerharz L, Brenner E, Billino J, Voudouris D (2023) Age effects on predictive eye movements for action. Journal of Vision, In Press
--Link to preprint--



Arikan BE, Voudouris D, Straube B, Fiehler K (2023) Distinct role of central predictive mechanisms in tactile suppression.
--Link to preprint--
Wachsmann FD, Fiehler K, Voudouris D (2023) Visual perturbations temporally tune balance retention and associated tactile processing.
--Link to preprint-- 
McManus M, Schuetz I, Voudouris D, Fiehler K (2023) How visuomotor predictability and task demands affect tactile sensitivity on a moving limb during object interaction. Royal Society Open Science, 10(12): 231259. --Link to preprint--
Beyvers MC, Voudouris D, Fiehler K (2023) Sensorimotor memories influence movement kinematics but not associated tactile processing. Scientific Reports, 13(1): 17920. --Link to preprint--
Voudouris D, Schuetz I, Schinke T, Fiehler K (2023) Pupil dilation scales with movement distance of real but not of imagined reaching movements. Journal of Neurophysiology, 130(1): 104-116. --Link to preprint--



Georgiadis P, Chatzinikolaou K, Voudouris D, van Dieen J, Hatzitaki V (2022) Keeping balance during head-free smooth pursuit: The role of aging. Human Movement Science, 87: 103041. --Link to preprint--

Fuehrer E, Voudouris D, Lezkan A, Drewing K, Fiehler K (2022) Tactile suppression stems from specific sensorimotor predictions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(20): e2118445119. --Link to preprint--

Voudouris D, Fiehler K (2022) The role of grasping demands on tactile suppression. Human Movement Science, 83: 102957.

Schuetz I, McManus M, Fiehler K, Voudouris D (2022) Investigating movement-related tactile suppression using commercial VR controllers. Lecture Notes on Computer Science, 13235: 225-233.



Arikan BE*, Voudouris D*, Voudouri-Gertz H, Sommer J, Fiehler K (2021) Reach-relevant somatosensory signals modulate activity in the tactile suppression network. Neuroimage, 236: 118000. *equal contributions

Klein LK, Maiello G, Fleming R, Voudouris D (2021) Friction is preferred over grasp configuration in precision grasping. Journal of Neurophysiology, 125(4): 1330-1338.

Voudouris D, Fiehler K (2021) Dynamic temporal modulation of somatosensory processing during reaching. Scientific Reports, 11: 1928.



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Goettker A, Fiehler K, Voudouris D (2020) Somatosensory target information is used for reaching but not for saccadic eye movements. Journal of Neurophysiology, 124(4): 1092-1102.

Abedi Khoozani P, Voudouris D, Blohm G, Fiehler K (2020) Reaching around obstacles accounts for uncertainty in coordinate transformations. Journal of Neurophysiology, 123(5): 1920-1932. --Link to preprint--



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Voudouris D, Broda MD, Fiehler K (2019) Anticipatory grasping control modulates somatosensory perception. Journal of Vision, 19(5): 4.



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Gertz H, Fiehler K, Voudouris D (2018) The role of visual processing on tactile suppression. PLoS One, 13(4): e0195396.



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Gertz H, Voudouris D, Fiehler K (2017) Reach-relevant somatosensory signals modulate tactile suppression. Journal of Neurophysiology, 117(6): 2262-2268.

Voudouris D, Fiehler K (2017) Enhancement and suppression of tactile signals during reaching. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 43(6): 1238-1248. Link to pdf


2016 and older

Voudouris D, Goettker A, Mueller S, Fiehler K (2016) Kinesthetic information facilitates saccades towards proprioceptive-tactile targets. Vision Research, 122: 73-80.

Voudouris D, Smeets JBJ, Brenner E (2016) Fixation biases towards the index finger in almost-natural grasping. PLoS One, 11(1): e0146864.

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Hatzitaki V, Voudouris D, Nikodelis T, Amiridis IG (2009) Visual feedback training improves postural adjustments associated with moving obstacle avoidance in elderly women. Gait & Posture, 29(2): 296-299. 




  • Introduction to programming in MATLAB (Bachelor and Master seminar)
  • Body movement analysis (Master seminar)
  • Perception & action (Bachelor seminar)
  • Supervision of bachelor and master theses


I have also taught:

  • Cognitive processes in perception & action (Master seminar)
  • Hand movement analysis (workshop for PhD candidates)
  • Psychophysics (workshop for Master students)