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We thank the following people for their high commitement and their contribution to academic research. We hope you all enjoyed your time in the Wegner group and wish you the best for your future.

Atanu Patra
Jan Geldsetzer
Dr. Longcheng Hong
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Longcheng Hong

Longcheng Hong was born in China in 1984. He received his B.S. degree of chemistry from Fudan University in 2008 and then started his doctoral research on Organolanthanide Chemistry under the direction of Prof. Xigeng Zhou at Fudan University. In 2015 he received his Ph.D. degree with the dissertation entitled “Lanthanide-Catalyzed Tandem Addition/Cyclization Reactions of C-H/N-H with Alkyne and Polar Unsaturated Functionalities”. In February 2016, he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Hermann A. Wegner and worked on the expansion of Boron-based Lewis Acid Catalyzed Chemistry and did research on Molecular Structure-Properties Relationship in electronic chemistry.

Dr. Giovanni Pietro Rachiero
Dr. Miroslav Sisa
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Now at: Institute of Experimental Botany / Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republik
Dr. Mathieu Auzias