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Nature is a real treasure trove for medicinal drugs. Compounds harboring pharmacological activities have been invented in all kingdoms of live ever since. Hence, the chance to detect a natural product, which might become the lead structure to cure patients in the future, is out there. We aim to identify new natural products and to investigate in detail the biochemical reactions underlying the biosynthesis of these molecules.

The knowledge gained in basic research about biosynthesis builds the basis for the application in synthetic biology. This will enable us to design new molecules with desired features and to create sustainable sources of rare bioactive compounds.

In our group, the search for new natural products is currently focused on bacterial specialized metabolites showing antibiotic activity. New antibiotics are urgently needed, due to the fact that improper antibiotic use led to rapid resistance development. We aim to approach under-investigated habitats in the search for new drug leads. To achieve this goal a combination of micro and molecular biology, natural product chemistry, and bioinformatics is applied.




BamA Inhibitor

New antibiotics to combat resistant Gram-negative pathogens




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