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Hey Kids, want to explain to your parents how antibiotics work?

This video created by students from our master module "Antibiotics - Past, Present and Future" should help: Captain Antibiotics


Our project BAM! was selected for funding by the new format DATIpilot for an "Innovation Sprint"


Prof. Gabi König and Till with their respective DBU fellows Wiebke and Joana at "Deutsche Umweltpreis 2023" in Lübeck

2023-03-17 Poster price at the AMR conference in Basel.

Raphael Reher had his inaugural lecture in Marburg...reunion of former Bonn people :)


VAAM Workshop "Biology of Bacteria Producing Natural Products"

Congratulations to Zerlina for winning the poster price!

2022-06-02 DZIF Meeting in the Gießen people...
2021-12-22 Weihnachtsmarkt in Gießen (Corona conform due to 2G+ rules)

Three of our PhDs graduated in 2021. Congrats to Zerlina, Riyanti and Nils !



Just before Christmas, the DFG announced that the "Großgeräteantrag" from our colleague

Prof. Schreiner (Organic Chemistry) was evaluated super positive! Today, our accompanying

EFRE application was granted as well -->This means the JLU will get a new superconductive

700 cryo probe NMR!

2020-12-21 We moved into the new building and celebrated by a digital X-Mas Party.

2 papers about bacteria with antibiotic activities.

Riyanti´s paper is dealing with bacteria isolated from sponges:

Markus isolated new strains from termite nests:

2020-01-20 Brunch with the group at the IFZ 

The Nature paper "A new antibiotic selectively kills Gram-negative pathogens" is online.

Press release and media response:



Luis, Nils and Till are teaching an "Advanced Genetics" course at the Universidad Nacional de



- Link to Lei´s paper:,8MXwkTJc

- In honour of our dive guide:

Description of Moridilla jobeli

2019-08-06 1st Natural Product Retreat in Weidenhausen 

Sat1 News report about our star beetle Nicrophorus

2019-08-01 Our guests Apisada and Terecita have to catch their flights
2019-07-12 We thank Prof. Chang-Yun Wang for his presentation
2019-06-02 Our guests Anin and Lizbeth are heading back home

Till participated in the Culture Challenge in Berlin. The team he was in proposed a project

(7 min pitch), which was selected as one of the three winners!

Now the team can apply for some seed funding from the BMBF to further develop the idea.


Our first paper in 2019 is published! "Biosynthetic Basis for Structural Diversity of

Aminophenylpyrrole-Derived Alkaloids"

2018-11-28 Luis and Till will present our work in Trujillo, Peru
2018-11-09 Jamshid´s Scientific Reports paper is published. Congrats! link

Workshop "Advanced Techniques To Study And Exploit The Sponge And Coral Microbiomes"

in Brussels      Poster

2018-06-06 BBQ to welcome our new postdoc Ute and to say good bye to Diah.

Dinner at the river Lahn. Good bye Abha and Monse, we hope to see you soon again :)


Meeting of the natural product research groups of Prof. Li and Prof. Schäberle in Marburg



Collection dives in Thailand. We visited Anuchit Plubrukarn (Prince of Songkla University) 


We welcome Zina! She will join our lab for the next 6 months.


Corallopyronin A is highly active against Tsutsugamushi-fever

see the DZIF press release (in German)


Our colleague from Tunisia, Rafik Bachoual visited our lab for one week. Farewell dinner at



Delegation of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia visited

our group and evaluated the progress of their fellowship holders.

2017-12-11 Group breakfast at the Dachcafe!


Welcome Abha! She will join our lab for the next 6 months. 


Have a look at our latest publications:

The Potential of Indonesian Heterobranchs Found around Bunaken Island for the Production of Bioactive Compounds

Heterologous expression, biosynthetic studies and acological function of the selective Gq-signaling inhibitor FR900359

Diversity and Antimicrobial Potential of Predatory Bacteria from the Peruvian Coastline

Identification and heterologous expression of the kocurin biosynthetic gene cluster

2017-10-09 We welcome Henrik! As a postdoc he will strengthen our chemical analytical power. 
2017-09-28 We participated at the VAAM Workshop in Tübingen


Philipp and Till returned from Uni Gabès (Tunisia)


 Welcome Yang Liu!


We participated at the DAAD meeting for Indonesian fellows in Bonn 


We welcome Walter! As a DAAD fellow he will stay 6 months in our lab.

2017-05-01 Parts of the group moved to the JLU Gießen...building up our new labs at the iFZ

Till is appointed as professor for natural product research w focus on insect biotechnology at

the JLU Gießen

2017-03-15 The Solar-powered Slug made it to the final five! 
Have a look on the awesome video:

The Thematic Series on “Natural products in synthesis and biosynthesis II” with the editor

Jeroen S. Dickschat is complete. There are also two reviews included which were contributed

by our institute Pharm Bio Bonn.

Have a look:

2016-10-17 New semester. We start with two new PhD students. Welcome Zerlina and Riyanti!

Our new paper "Discovery of a Mosaic-Like Biosynthetic Assembly Line with a Decarboxylative

Off-Loading Mechanism through a Combination of Genome Mining and Imaging" is online. in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

and in the German edition


Just returned from our field trip in North Sulawesi. New mutually beneficial collaboration

between Polnustar Politeknik Negeri Nusa Utara,

Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, and University of Bonn. 

Click to enlarge and to watch the video :)

2016-04-12 Travel to Peru for our collaboration project with Universidad Nacional de Trujillo.
That´s the way a progress report should be announced: 


EuroMarine Workshop in Naples  


Snowy Irsee...Prof. König, Till and Raphael participated at the "Irseer Naturstofftage 2016"  


Carnival ;)  

2016-02-01 Welcome Katja!
Katja joins the group as a senior postdoc and will strengthen our power in the Indobio-Team.


Many greetings from the DZIF and DGI joint annual meeting! 


Welcome Max!
Max joined our group for some weeks. He will be helping us and will implement new methods

in the lab.


The paper "Insights into Structure–Activity Relationships of Bacterial RNA Polymerase

Inhibiting Corallopyronin Derivatives" is online.


All scientists (from AG Schäberle, AG König, AG Wägele + Indonesian partners from UNSRAT)

returned safely from the field trip in North Sulawesi. Check out the fun pics!



Our paper “Structural basis of head to head polyketide fusion by CorB” is online.!divAbstract


We started the project "Caracterización genética de las especies mixobacteriales y la

caracterización de sus potenciales biomóleculas antibióticas" by sampling in Peru.



We won the “Innovationspreis 2015 der BioRegionen” with our corallopyronin A (CorA) patent.

CorAas anthelmintic - Natural product as antibiotic for the treatment of filariasis 

(Dirofilariasis as well as Human filariasis)


Online article from the Deutschen Welle, refering to the BMBF press release

(pics from Chromodoris willani, and from Till and Medy (working at UNSRAT in Manado)

snorkling in Lembeh Strait)


BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) press release about the initiative

"Identifikation und Nutzung in Indonesien natürlich vorkommender Substanzen für die


2015-01-30 Till gave a radio interview about teixobactin (in German),audio231192.html
2015-01-23 German television (RTL) is shooting a teixobactin TV special
2015-01-07 The teixobactin paper is available in Nature. The article has generated quite a buzz!

Luis and Till were granted a three year cooperation project with the University of Trujillo (Peru)

and the University of Campinas (Brazil)

2014-11-18 Till can be watched in 3sat nano (broadcasted: 2014-11-18, 18:30)

We won the poster price in Dresden at the international VAAM workshop “Biology of natural

product-producing microorganisms”


Our corallopyronin A patent was selected for the final 3 of „ZukunftErfindenNRW:

Der HochschulWettbewerb“. 


Ingrid and Till´s publication in Trends in Microbiology was mentioned in many press releases

(Uni Bonn press release,

And has a video abstract: