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Funding principles in JLU-CAREER

JLU-CAREER will be initially funded by the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) from 01/2019 until 12/2021 with the possibility for extension of funding by the DFG until 12/2023 upon successful review. A maximum of eight applicants will be accepted in each of the three years. Accepted JLU-CAREER participants will be granted a half-time position for three years to cover their secured time on the research project, that can be flexibly adapted according to the scenario I-IV chosen. The DFG will cover 80% of a half-time position for three years. As mentioned above, the faculty structure allows JLU-CAREER recruits to either choose, a „tandem research project“, which involves both a clinical (clinical chair = 2nd supervisor) and a biomedical discipline (biomedical chair = 1st supervisor), or, alternatively, a research project within their own clinical host institution (clinical chair = 1st supervisor) and a biomedical chair as 2nd supervisor. As tandem research project applications are highly encouraged to promote an interdisciplinary and interfaculty exchange the deanery of the faculty of medicine has decided to cover the remaining 20% of the physicians half time positions not covered by the DFG. In case of own institutional projects (applicant and project from the same clinical department) the institution has to cover the 20% remaining expenses for the half-time physician for three years.