Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Mentoring, Gender and Famiy Issues

The continued implementation of equal opportunities in science for scientists of all genders and all nationalities is vital to JLU-CAREER. The JLU has fully implemented the DFG standards for equal opportunities in research (Forschungsorientierte Gleichstellungsstandards), received the highest ranking in this category by the DFG, and won several best practice awards. Since 2005, the JLU has been certified as Family-Friendly University (“Grundzertifikat Familienfreundliche Hochschule”). The JLU i) has established equality concepts that now were expanded to cover the full spectrum of diversity aspects ( “JLU Gender Equality, Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Concept 2.0”), ii) promotes the compatibility of family and career in the context of the federal-state-initiative to support young scientists (Nachwuchspakt), and iii) provides mentoring programs specifically devoted to female scientists (“MentorinnenNetwerk”, “SciMento” and “ProProfessur”).
With regard to the selection process into JLU-CAREER, we will preferentially accept women in case of equal qualification. With these measures, we aim to encourage talented female physicians to pursue a career as a clinician scientist at our faculty.