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Right Ventricular (RV) function in Pulmonary Hypertension and impact of targeted interventions on RV-PA (Pulmonary Artery) coupling

We established and validated methods to determine load-independent contractility of the right ventricle (RV). The RV has a remarkable reserve before progressing towards maladaptive dilatation (“point of uncoupling”). As a gold-standard technique to determine RV-contractility as well as RV-PA coupling, we established pressure/volume (PV)-loop assessments with varying RV-preload. During the following funding period we will further develop non-invasive means to measure RV function and to assess the direct impact of PH-specific on load-independent RV-function. Furthermore, issues related to right ventricular/left ventricular interdependency will be addressed in pre-clinical models within the CRC.



Figure legend

Main compartments of project SFB 08

Blue column shows a sub-project focussing on the assessment of non-invasive echo-based tools to measure inherent right ventricular contractility and right ventricular –pulmonary artery coupling

Red column shows a sub-project focussing on right ventricular contractile reserve using fluid load (left figure) and and exercise (right figure)

Green column indicates a sub-project focussing on the impact of targeted medication on the right ventricle assessed with pressure volume loops