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    • Es bleibt unklar, ob IVB den Blutfluss in der AO und der ACM spezifisch beeinflusst
      Lorenz B.
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    • Ein beidseitig ausgeprägtes Embryotoxon posterius und eine neonatale Cholestase sind charakteristische Befunde beim Alagille-Syndrom
      Lorenz B.
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    • Genome Editing Tools and their Application in Experimental Ophthalmology
      Yanik M, Wende W, Stieger K.
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    • Detection of the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor with a Novel Bioluminescence Resoncance Energy Transfer
      Wimmer T, Schroeter E, Lorenz B, Stieger K
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    • In vivo genome editing as a potential treatment strategy for inherited retinal dystrophies
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    • Mosaic synaptopathy and functional defects in Cav1.4 heterozygous mice and human carriers of CSNB2
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    • Organotypic Cultures of Adult Mouse Retina: Morphologie Changes and Gene Expression
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    • Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in Patients with CRB1 Mutations
      Papadopoulou Laiou C, Preising MN, Bolz HJ, Lorenz B.
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    • Two patients with the heterozygous R189H mutation in ACTA2 and Complex congenital heart defects expands the cardiac phenotype of multisystemic smooth muscle dysfuntion syndrome
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    • Outer Plexiform Layer Structures Are Not Altered Following AAV-Mediated Gene Transfer in Healthy Rat Retina
      Giers BC, Klein D, Mends-Madeira A, Isiegas C, Lorenz B, Haverkampf S, Stieger K.
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    • Chirurgie der Abrollstrecke
      Gräf M, Lorenz B
      Zeitschr prakt Augenheilkd 2017; 38:349-355
    • Evaluation of tolerance to lentiviral LV-RPE65 gene therapy vector after subretinal delivery innon-human primates.
      atet A, Kostic C, Bemelmans AP, Moulin A, Rosolen SG, Martin S, Mavilio F, Amirjanians V, Stieger K, Lorenz B, Behar-Cohen F, Arsenijevic Y
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    • Ophthalmological health care of the institutionalized elderly: The  OViS-Study
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    • Spatially Resolved Spectral Sensitivities as a Potential Read-out-Parameter in Clinical Gene Therapeutic Trials.
      Lorenz B, Wegscheider E, Hamel C, Preising MN, Stieger K
      Ophthalmic Res. PubMed PMID:
    • Optimizing the DNA Donor Template for Homology-Directed Repair of Double-Strand Breaks
      Song F, Stieger K.
      Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 2017 Jun 16;7:53-60

    • The Impact of Macular Development on Full-Field and Multifocal ERG in Extremely Preterm-Born Children with and without Acute Retinopathy of Prematurity
      Bowl W, Schweinfurth S, Holve K, Stieger K, Lorenz B, Andrassi-Darida M.
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    • Ocular morphology and function in juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (CLN3) in the first decade of life
      Preising MN, Abura M, Jäger M, Wassill K-H, Lorenz B
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    • Die motorische Entwicklung von Kindern mit frühkindlichem Innenschielen
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    • Editorial Ophthalmogenetik: Einblicke in aktuelle Methoden der Diagnostik, Phänotypisierung und Therapie
      Lorenz B
      Klin. Monbl. Augenheilkd. 234(3):270-271
    • Next-generation sequencing reveals the mutational landscape of clinically diagnosed Usher syndrom: copy number variations, phenocopies, a predominant target for translational read-through, and PEX26 mutated in Heimler syndrome
      Neuhaus C, Eisenberger T, Decker C, Nagl S, Blank C, Pfister M, Kennerknecht I, Muller-Hofstede C, Charbel IP, Heller R, Beck B, Ruther K, Mitter D, Rohrschneider K, Steinhauer U, Korbmacher HM, Huhle D, Elsayed DM, Taha HM, Baig SM, Stohr H, Preising M, Markus S, Moeller F, Lorenz B, Nagel-Wolfrum K, Khan AO, Boz HJ
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    • Die Segregationsanalyse bei erblichen Augenerkrankungen - akademisches Extra oder notwendiger Aufwand?
      Preising MN, Bolz H
      Klin. Monbl. Augenheilkd.
    • Retinal layer segmentation in muliple sclerosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
      Petzold A, Balcer LJ, Clabresi PA, Costello F, Frohman TC, Frohman EM, Martzinez-Lapiscina EH, Green AJ, Kardon R, Outteryck T, Paul F, Schippling S, Vermersch P, Villosada P, Balk LJ, ERN-EYE IMSVISUAL
    • Comparative cyto-histological study of needle tip aspirates and entry sites after intravitreal injection using different needle types
      Lytvynchuk L; Sergienko A; Savytska I; Albert R; Glittenberg C; Binder S; Petrovski G
      PLoS One 2017 Jul 10;12(7)
    • Embolectomy for branch retinal artery occlusion: a case report
      Lytvynchuk, L
      Acta Ophthalmol. 2017 Aug;95(5):e428-e429
    • Intraoperative optical coherence tomography assisted analysis of pars Plana vitrectomy for retinal detachment in morning glory syndrome: a case report
      Lytvynchuk L; Glittenberg CG; Ansari-Shahrezaei S; Binder S
      BMC Ophthalmol 2017 Aug 1;17(1):134
    • Efficienca of the Hydraulic Centripetal macular Displacement Technique in the Treatment of Traumatic Full-Thickness Macular Holes
      Ruban, A, Lytvynchuk L, Zolnikova A, Richard G
      Retina 2017 Nov