Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Technische Angestellte


Dileep Bonthu


Expertise: Mitochondrial respiration measurements, smoke machine, histology

Ingrid Breitenborn-Müller

Expertise: Molecular Biology (e.g. Western blots, PCR)

Jens Bier


Expertise: HPLC

Carmen Homberger


Expertise: Cell culture, functional cellular assays

Elisabeth Kappes


Expertise: Cell culture, calcium measurements

Susanne Lich


Expertise: Cell culture, electrophysiology and molecular biology (genotyping).

Nils Schupp


Expertise: Cell culture, electron spin resonance spectroscopy

Karin Quanz


Expertise: Isolated ventilated and perfused lungs, in vivo measurements of lung function and hemodynamics, histology

Miriam Wessendorf


Expertise: Histology, Alveolar morphometry