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Doctoral Development Programme (Part A)

The Doctoral Development Programme is designed to accompany you through your doctoral studies and prepare you for your future career.

Guided by the suggestions of the European Science Foundation, the GGL has developed a schedule for the doctoral development training which ensures that doctoral researchers are supported in their thesis work and complete their doctoral studies prepared for a career in academia as well as industry. The programme is designed to support you at all steps of your doctoral research, for instance from basic training in self-organisation and courses in using university resources to workshops in commercialising research results for advanced members.
Doctoral Development Programme Courses
In this calendar you can find an overview of forthcoming and past courses sorted by categories. Most of these courses will be repeated on a regular base and are core pillars of the Doctoral Development Programme. For current events in the Programme (and in the Sections) please see also our Study Calendar.
Regular GGL Events
Get an overview of all our regular GGL events, including the GGL Annual Conference and the GGL Career Day.
STIBET Lectures and Courses
Overview of all our STIBET lectures and courses - from students for students.
Combining Career and Family
Tips for support can be found here.