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Programme Overview

GGL Postdoc Programme is offering multi-disciplinary qualification programs, guidance, and support to researchers during the early stages of their careers. We assist postdocs in the development of their professional skills and interdisciplinary competences, so that both academic and non-academic careers become accessible. You can further read about our goals here.

How to join our programm?

The GGL Postdoc program is free of charge. The only prerequisit is that you are affiliated with the JLU (e.g. have an institutional e-mail address) and are interested in the topics we offer. In some rare cases we may want to check that priority is given to life-science postdocs, but most of our offers are also free for postdocs, scientist and advanced doctoral candidates from other scientific fields.

The GGL Postdoc Programme is part of the Postdoc Career Mentoring Office of the JLU.

The instruments of achieving the above-mentioned tasks are numerous Workshops, Coaching opportunities, PiLS Lunch, and Career talks.


We offer a series of career development workshops expecially for postdocs of the life-sciences. Ideally you start your postdoc-phase by getting orientation on your professional future. Later you may want to work on your leadership skills or learn other important soft-skills in our trainings.

Our current programme can be found here


Career Talks

Career Talks

What job opportunities do postdocs have? Learn from the experience of other postdocs that give an insight into their current job position (inside or outside of academia):
- "Future Network Talks" [in English]
- "Karrieregespräche für Postdocs" [in German]

Find out more here


Postdoc in Life Science (PiLS) - Lunch

Get together - stay in touch. The PiLS Lunch is the perfect excuse to leave the everyday-trap: Get in touch with your peers; learn about their experiences not only with everyday lab-life but with the academic system and Germany at large; find new contacts, collaborators and friends; and have a good time eating out. 




We offer a career counceling and coaching to help you find your next career step. While a counceling usually is a short term intervention dedicated to help you find missing information, career coaching usually is a longer process dedicated to help you reflect on your current situation and problems and designed to help you find your own solutions. If you are interested in either career counceling or coaching please contact me at . Further information: Career Coaching.



If you wish to be informed about the upcoming workshops and events within the GGL postdoc programme, our newsletter will become a valuable medium. It is a brief publication, where we announce upcoming events and updates. Newsletter will provide you with regular updates on a monthly basis and on special occasions.

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