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Dissertation Rules

Find the dissertation rules of all faculties of the GGL, including downloadable PDF versions.

Doctoral Degrees

At German universities doctoral degrees are awarded by the individual faculties. After successful completion of the GGL programme, the thesis summarizing the doctoral work (dissertation) is to be submitted to one of the faculties participating in the GGL, usually the one the supervisor belongs to. With one exception, the doctoral titles are issued in the traditional Latin form (e.g., the doctor of the natural sciences as Dr. rer. nat.). The exception is the title PhD awarded by the faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine to students in their special graduate programme associated with the GGL. Note that in the English-speaking world all German doctoral titles obtained in the life sciences are regarded as equivalent to a “PhD”.

Dissertation Rules (Promotionsordnung)

The dissertation has to be performed and will be evaluated according to special legal regulations laid down in the “Promotionsordnung” of the respective faculty. The work must also comply with general standards of scientific conduct laid down in the “Rules for Good Scientific Practice”. Students are advised to discuss these regulations and rules with their supervisors at the beginning of their project.

Dissertation Rules by Faculties

Rules for Good Scientific Practice