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Pathways into Life Science Professions

Welcome to PALS! Pathways into Life Science Professions is a training and mentoring programme for international and German doctoral candidates of the GGL. Already during your doctoral studies, you need to get prepared for your entry into the life science job market. Especially if you have an international background you should improve your chances through early consultation, German courses and job application training. In addition to general orientation in the Life Science job market, our training programme for all GGL members will also offer a specialization in pharmaceutic-biotechnological profiles.

Our mentoring programme is supported by our GGL Alumni. These Alumni, who work successfully in life science industry by now, will be mentors. In a one-on-one mentoring relationship, mentors and menteees will meet as pals in regular meetings. Ideally, a job shadowing with the mentor will be part of the mentoring programme.

Our last round of PALS mentoring started in march 2020.
Information for Mentors
What are your roles, benefits and responsibilities as a mentor?
Information for Mentee
What are your roles, benefits and responsibilities as a mentee?
Training programme
Take part in our PALS workshops to develop skills and to gain valuable competencies for a career in industry.
German language courses
Improve your chance to get a job in Germany's industry with German language skills!
Useful resources
Find out about further career opportunities such as fairs and events, trainee and career programmes, and other resources.
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You can download all forms and files here.
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