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Mentoring - step by step

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PALS-Mentoring - how does it work?


Application process for mentees

Application of doctoral candidates of the GGL will be possible again in Oktober 2019. You need to fill out an application form to apply as a mentee for PALS. We will then invite you to an interview to learn more about your motivations and objectives. Then we will decide if you are accepted to PALS mentoring.

Note: you should be at a stage in your doctoral research project when you can be confident that you will submit your thesis within the coming year but have not yet defended your thesis.



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We will then try to match you with a mentor, who can support you in your goals based on his or her work experience and job profile.

Note: We will try to fullfil your expectations. However, in some cases the perfect matches cannot be found. Please be specific and realistic about your own expectations. 


Training for mentees

You will be trained on how to prepare for your role as a mentee and how to define your own mentoring goals in a spezial workshop on 19th of February 2020.


Your first meeting

The kick-off-event of your mentoring-program will take place at our Career Day on 4th March 2020 (specific times will be annouced)

      • Official opening of PALS
      • Training for Mentors
      • First meeting with your mentor - You will write a mentoring agreement with your mentor on the specific nature of the support, scope, content and location of the meetings.


 One-to-one-mentoring from March till November

From March till November mentors and mentees will meet each other approximately every month. Ideally, a job shadowing with the mentor will also be part of the mentoring process.

Optional: You can participate in our workshop programme, company visits and German language courses.

Intercultural training for mentees

An intercultural training will take place on 19th of March 2020. The contents will be salaries, working conditions and work culture. In this workshop will be discussed how you can utilize the mentoring programme best for your job search.


Interim meeting for mentees

An interim meeting will take place on 1st of July 2020. It will provide opportunities for feedback, the presentation of the mentors’ companies by the mentees and exchange of important topics.


Closing event 

On 04th of December 2020 we will have our closing ceremony:

    • 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.: Workshop for Mentees and Mentors
    • 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.: Official closing of PALS - we will give a conclusion and summary of PALS and say thank you to you all!