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Information for Mentees

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What do I need to do to become a mentee?

Application is possible until 20th November 2019.

To become a mentee is a good idea if...

  • you are interested in building relationships with other people.
  • you speak openly about your ideas, support wishes, fears and difficulties.
  • you are ready to accept support from a mentor and implement it if necessary.
  • you are responsible for yourself and express gratitude and appreciation.
  • you are able and willing to take responsibility and initiative.


Your benefits as a mentee

Insight into specific job profiles and companies

You will get first-hand information not only about the specific job profile of your mentor, but also about other opportunities in industry. Therefore, you will get support from your mentor in important decision-making processes for your career.


New suggestions and ideas

You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of your mentor. Through honest feedback your mentor might help you to analyse your potential and to define your next career goals more precisely.


Change of perspective

By sharing knowledge and experience your mentor will give you new insights into certain professions but also norms and values in industry. 



By sharing his or her professional network your mentor might open a lot of doors for you. Additionally, you could also extend your network through other mentees and mentors in your group.

Your role as a mentee

As mentee you take an active role in the mentoring relationship. At the center of the mentoring is the learning process of mentees. For instance, you define in which areas you wish to develop with the help of your mentor. That means, your openness to new ideas, strategies and constructive criticism is key to the success of your relationship.

Setting  goals

You formulate clear objectives for cooperation in you tandem. It is your job to define your own mentoring plans and goals. For this purpose, you will receive specific support during the introductory workshop and through the exchange with the other mentees. At the beginning of the mentoring partnership, you will communicate with the mentor and agree in writing on the specific nature of the support, scope, content and location of the meetings.


Keeping in touch

It is also your job to keep in contact and to inform the mentor of your current situation and progress. Write emails, make phone calls or skype between the arranged meetings.


Be open

Mentoring is more beneficial, the more open you are and the more you let your mentor participate in your ideas, plans and difficulties. You will have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and advice. This requires a trusting cooperation by sharing your views and aspirations openly. Also as a mentee you give your mentor constructive feedback and recognition for the support offered.