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Presentation Awards

Best Poster: 1. Place: 150€  ; 2. Place 100€ (sponsored by: Promocell GmbH)
 ; 3. Place 50€ .

The posters will be evaluated by a poster commission consisting of doctoral candidates and supervisors from all sections.
The main criteria will be: content, intelligibility, layout/presentation.


Best Talk: 1. Place: 150€
The talks will be evaluated via online voting by the complete audience.



  • Content: How informative was the presentation? Did he/she make an effort to explain important terms and methods? How well did the speaker present the results and their relevance? How well did the speaker explain the information needed to understand the outcome of his or her research?
  • Presentation: How well did he or she present the talk orally? Did he or she speak loud enough and at an appropriate speed? Did he or she grab your attention or bore you? Did the speaker make an effort to interact with the audience? How competently did the speaker answer questions during the discussion? 
  • Layout: How well designed was the presentation? Were style, arrangement and size of texts, graphs, etc. indicative and supportive of the content? Were animations/ pictures used to emphasize the results or to divert attention? Where tables, graphs and images sufficiently labelled and explained and were they large enough to understand them quickly?

 Talks and pictures will be evaluated by the audience using an online evaluation system. All participants will receive one TAN-Sheet with instructions and guidelines at registration desk.


GGL Picture Award

We are also going to award the best photograph for the following 3 categories:
1. Laboratory work (depicting work in your lab, e.g. member of your team using a specific instrument)
2. Research (images of your results such as cells, gels etc. depicting an aspect of your work)
3. Student Life (conferences; retreats; visits to other labs; what are you doing when you relax?)

Pictures will be exhibited on our website at the GGL conference, evaluated via online voting from all GGL members and awarded prizes of 50 € for each category.


Rules and submission

All photographs must be accompanied by a title, a short description and your permission to be used to publicise the GGL. The submission form must be filled in, signed and sent back to the GGL office as a .pdf (scan) or .jpg (photo) in the "Picture Submission Portal" in order to be entered into the competition (alternatively, you can bring the form to the GGL office).

  • You can submit one photograph for each category.
  • Images must be in .jpg or .png format
  • Images should have normal aspect ratios
  • File size must be less than 10 MB
  • You can only submit photos you have shot yourself
  • For photographs showing 1-6 people, you must obtain their permission on the submission form.
  • You shall not submit images representing logos or protected trademarks
  • You shall not submit images showing goods or places protected by an intellectual property right
  • Images and submission forms should be sent using the Picture Submission Portal


*Important note:

For all photos of category 2, you must make sure that you don’t jeopardise future publications, i.e. please do not send in photographs that you intend to publish or have published already. You should inform your supervisor prior to submitting such an image. Digital enhancement of this category specifically is permitted.


The deadline to submit your photographs and forms is 01 September 2023.


Deadline Award

For outstanding speediness in the submission of the abstract: a book voucher
For outstanding tardiness in the submission of the abstract: one lemon