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Instructions for Webex

Due to the Corona-Outbreak, we consequentially decided to host a virtual annual conference by using the Cisco Webex-App.  

Webex-Instructions for the annual conference 2020 


1.) Please register with your full name (first and last name) at cisco webex. Then install the Webex-App for Meetings and get used to the application. If you need any help for the installation or the handling, please look at the file here. 

2.) On the days of the conference, check the daily programme and click on the link of the session that you would like to attend (if you stay for the whole programme of a certain section, only need to enter once).


3.) Make sure that you mute your speaker and that you turn off your camera while simply listening to others.

4.) Use the Chat function to send your questions to the chairperson who will then redirect them to the speaker. If you need any help on how to use the chat function, please look at the file here

5.) Make sure that you sign in WebEx with your Name and Surname. This is essential for us to check your attendance at the annual conference. 

Please be patient if anything out of the ordinary happens. Just consider that it is the first time for everyone to host and participate at the annual conference virtually.