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Six Questions to Ben Chigara

Expert Talk with Prof. Dr. Ben Chigara, 07.11.2013, 18.00 Uhr


07.11.2013 von 18:00 bis 20:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Zeughaus, Senckenbergstr. 3 Hörsaal Ze-S4, 1. Stock

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Six Questions to Ben Chigara

  1. What is your perception of "law and development"? Does national or international law have a role to play in development processes?

  2. In the context of debates about "law and development", constitutional law has recently become more important. What are current challenges of constitution-building in Africa?

  3. Land is an important but scarce resource in Africa. Do you think that the importance of land will decline as a consequence of development processes in Africa? Are there prospects for overcoming the agrarian character of large parts of Africa?

  4. "Land grabbing" is a label that is increasingly put on foreign direct investment in Africa. To what extent do you think that international law on the protection of foreign direct investment too much focuses on the interests of the investor, and to little on the interests of the host state?

  5. Higher education has become ever more important across Africa. Ethiopia and many other countries have established new universities. What are the prospects for higher education in Africa?

  6. What is the role of higher education institutions in the global North for the development of the global South?

Professor Dr. Ben Chigara is the founding Director of Brunel University’s Research Centre for International and Public Law (CIPL) which was inaugurated by Lord Bill Brett in May 2004. He has held lectureships at Warwick University (2001-03); Leeds University (1999-2001); Oxford Brookes University (1998-99); and various teaching positions at the University of Nottingham (1997-1999); Denmark, and Zimbabwe. He served as Deputy Head of the School of Social Sciences and Law from 2004 until its restructuring in 2005, after which he served as Deputy Head of School (Operations) of the newly established Brunel Law School until September 2007. The author of numerous refereed journal articles, monographs and book chapters, Ben obtained a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Nottingham; an LL.M with Distinction and Best Performance Award from the University of Hull; and a BA (Hons) in Law and Psychology from the University of Keele. He has a keen interest in the workings of the International Legal System and its possible development to meet the challenges of our time.