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TAP@GGS-Workshop: Introduction into the World of Corporate Compliance

A workshop from our Teaching Assistantship Programme series.


30.11.2022 von 09:00 bis 17:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Room AUB 5, Old University Library, Bismarckstr. 37, 35390 Giessen

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+49 (0)641 99 21373


Doctoral Candidates and postdoctoral reasearchers at GGS, interested Students

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Instructor: Gianfranco Barchiesi

November 30, 2022,

9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Maximum of


Registration: until November 24, 2022
Language: English



The course familiarises participants with key concepts of compliance, including definitions, objectives, its relation with sustainability and corporate governance. It also touches upon adjacent concepts of risk and of risk based approaches, as well as on the principles and structure of enforced/regulated self-regulation”. In doing so, the course aims to provide a short history of compliance.

One of the central goals of the course is to help participants understand the entangled network of compliance actors and interests. To this end, we will contrast the point of view, priorities, and objectives of shareholders, government, justice, 3rd parties like suppliers, board of directors, employees, etc.
Participants will also learn about the main compliance risks and areas (AML, anti-corruption, forensic, regulatory, tax, data, IT, finance, M&A, anti-trust, 3rd parties, collective actions, human rights, environmental).
The main elements of a compliance programme and its relation with corporate culture will be presented.



You can find more details in the syllabus "Introduction into the World of Corporate Compliance".