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Call for Applications Student Online-Scholarships (September – December 2023)

Up to 80 online student scholarships in the DAAD project "Ukraine digital: Ukraine in its transcultural and transnational context" (September – December 2023)

Ukraine digital: Ukraine in its transcultural and transnational context” is a project of virtual mobility of the Justus Liebig University of Giessen (JLU) together with the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) (06/2022 - 12/2023). The project is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), funding provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), as part of the DAAD-programme “Ukraine digital: Ensuring Academic Success in Times of Crisis”. It is aimed at ensuring academic success in times of war, maintaining virtual courses, fostering internationalisation, digitalisation and integration into the European system of higher education as well as strengthening the longstanding partnership between the NaUKMA and the JLU.

Our “Co-teaching programme for European integration (Taste)” in form of online tandem seminars (courses) will provide students and teachers of NaUKMA and JLU with a room for exploring Ukrainian language, history, culture, literature, and society, reflecting on the current state of war, and strengthening Ukrainian voices.

For the spring semester 2023, we offer the following seminars:

  • “Language Contact" (Yuliia Kolisnyk/Giessen),
  • "History of Historical Scholarship" (Prof. Dr. Kostiantyn Glomozda/Kyiv and Dr. Tatsiana Astrouskaya/Marburg).

For the fall semester 2023 (September – December 2023), we offer the following seminars:

  • "Exploring the USSR: Main Discussions and Approaches" (Prof. Dr. Natalia Shlikhta/Kyiv and Prof. Dr. Iryna Ramanava/Giessen),
  • "Paul Celan in Ukrainian Translation" (Dr. Rostyslav Semkiv/Kyiv and Prof. Dr. Thomas Daiber/Giessen),
  • "Economy and Agency" (Dr. Mychailo Wynnyckyi/Kyiv and Prof. Dr. Andreas Langenohl).

What is the online fellowship about?
Funding is provided for the participation in one digital tandem seminar (course) from September to December 2023. The fellowship is 200 € per month from September to December 2023. Each tandem seminar will be part of the Virtual International Programme (VIP) of JLU and includes tasks (presentations, written papers or others) to be fulfilled. Upon completion of all project activities, students will receive a certificate and transcript of records.

In addition, JLU offers optional online German courses at different levels.


How to apply for an online fellowship?

1) Please fill in the VIP application form and send it via email to together with your certificate of enrollment at the NaUKMA (can be provided after the application deadline) by September  17, 2023. In order to complete the registration, you will be asked to provide a transcript of records or a copy of your bachelor's diploma.

2) Please send a short CV (max. 2 pages) including information about your academic education and language skills (in particular, English) together with a cover letter (approx. 1 page). In your cover letter, you should provide the following information:

  • a short self-introduction;
  • which digital seminar you prefer to choose;
  • why you want to participate in this project;
  • how this financial support will help you to continue your studies.

CV and cover letter should be in English. Please send these documents by September  17, 2023.
Please send your application package for the online fellowship and inquiries via email to AND

Following an evaluation process by a selection committee from JLU and NaUKMA, all candidates will be notified about granting the online fellowship by the end of September 2023 at the latest.