Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


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14/09/2022 | DGO Congress for Central and East European Studies - 2022
17/08/2022 | New project: Determinants of Food Insecurity in Urban and Rural Afghanistan
17/08/2022 | Community-based water research Kurt-Eberhard-Bode Fondation funds Junior Research Group HydroCrowd at the Justus Liebig University Giessen - Innovative Water Resource Monitoring Project in Tanzania, Ecuador, and Honduras.
01/08/2022 | Jorge Gómez-Paredes started at ZEU as visiting professor
01/08/2022 | Dr Aliya Assubayeva became a new member of the ZEU team
12/08/2022 | Water use by trees on cropland: competition or co-existence?
29/07/2022 | Newspaper article on the current marine heatwave in the Mediterranean Sea
05/06/2022 | Dr. Matthias Höher celebrates his 25th anniversary as an employee of the Justus Liebig University Giessen Since Feb 15th 2001, Matthias has been acting as the managing director of the ZEU. This is also an opportunity for us to show our appreciation to Matthias!
12/05/2022 | Focus of the IPCC Assessment Reports Has Shifted to Lower Temperatures
17/03/2022 | Dr. Marie Reusch unanimously elected as Vice-Speaker of the focus area "Food and Energy"
01/03/2022 | Edgar Espitia completing the DAKI EWS project team
22/02/2021 | Qin Lin new project member of the ZEU team
10/02/2022 | Fatemeh Heidari is the new project coordinator of the DAKI-FWS
04/02/2022 | Board members Prof. Breuer and Prof. Breitmeier unanimously re-elected
02/12/2021 | Invitation to the Virtual Mobility Program (VMP) of Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá (Colombia)
01/12/2021 | Great news again: Dr Elena Xoplaki was successful with an application as a member of the high-level consortium DAKI-FWS
10/11/2021 | Ramona Teuber became a new member of the Board
01/11/2021 | New EU-funded Project - More Crop Diversity for Agri-food Value Chains
10/09/2021 | Abolition of motorways in Germany in favour of public transport
16/08/2021 | Niklas Luther joined the ZEU team
03/08/2021 | Working Paper „Digital Sustainability Education - Potential, Development Trends and Good Practices”
22/07/2021 | Prediction of extreme weather conditions with artificial intelligence
15/07/2021 | On the influence of bird species on tree health
09/07/2021 | Power imbalances challenge the objectivity of sustainability research: ZEU members contribute to German Sustainability Science Summit
08/07/2021 | Dialogue Processes are Worthwhile: Final Report of the "Zukunftskommission Landwirtschaft" handed over to Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel
29/06/2021 | Online-Conference on "Gut versorgt aus der Region? Potentiale und Herausforderungen für Bedürfnisorientierung in regionalen Ernährungssystemen" am 23.-24.07.2021
18/06/2021 | Water Monitoring Prize goes to Dr. Suzanne Jacobs and Dr. Björn Weeser
04/05/2021 | Native Bird Species as Forest Saviours
07/04/2021 | Fully virtual international master’s degree course "Sustainable Transition" to start next winter semester at JLU Giessen Fully virtual international master’s degree course “Sustainable Transition” to start next winter semester at Justus Liebig University Giessen.
06/04/2021 | ZEU researchers investigated who participates in crowdsourced monitoring in Kenya