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Subject-didactic internship

Subject-didactic internship in Catholic Theology (WP – V 18)

For L1, L2, L3, and L5 students, the Institute of Catholic Theology offers the preparation of the block internship in the winter semester. Afterwards, during the lecture-free time, the internship takes place. Follow-up will be scheduled during the summer semester.


Competence objectives

  • Subject-related diagnosis and assessment

  • Subject-related planning of lessons, considering alternatives

  • Subject-related teaching and learning by researching

  • Experiential and theory-based reflection

  • Subject-related communication


Module Content

Preparation of the internship and internship report

  • Socio-cultural prerequisites of the learning group at the respective school

  • Legal and official requirements: educational standards, curricula of the HKM, statements of the DBK on religious education (synod decision, etc.)

  • Teachers of religious education at the intersection of school and church

  • election of the topic of the UE (curricula, school curriculum, student coordination - school - mentor - internship representative)

  • Scientific analysis

  • Subject-specific questions (including the formulation of learning objectives)

  • Methods in religious education

  • Planning the unit


School practice

  • Implementation of the lesson in the internship class: coping with complex teaching situations, if necessary, correcting the planning, pupil instruction in practice

  • Criteria-oriented observation of lessons



  • Criteria-oriented follow-up

  • Reflection of the entire internship with regard to the development of the student’s own religious pedagogical and didactic competences

  • Question about the authenticity of religious teaching: Using the internship as an opportunity to re-assess career aspirations and adjusting them if necessary


Module description and further information



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