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Collection's Holdings

Focus of the collection
The main focus of the Collection of Classical Antiquities, with over 5,000 objects, is the coin collection, as well as a large number of ancient vases, Greek and Roman terracotta figurines, Roman glass vessels and Etruscan anatomical votives.


Permanent exhibition
The Collection of Classical Antiquities is one of the oldest and most important collections at Justus Liebig University Giessen. The holdings of more than 5,000 objects cover a broad spectrum and, in addition to the large coin collection, primarily include antique vases from various epochs and artistic landscapes, Greek and Roman terracotta figurines as well as Etruscan anatomical votives and Roman glass vessels. Part of this collection has been on public display since 1987. The collection plays a central role in research at JLU. The holdings of the collection are scientifically edited within the framework of current research projects and researched using new questions and modern methods. The Collection of Classical Antiquities also plays an important role in teaching and in training students. The objects in the collection are used in courses and scientifically evaluated as part of B.A. and M.A. theses. In addition, museum didactic training is now an essential part of and a unique feature of the study of Classical Archaeology in Giessen. The structure of the permanent exhibition provides an overview of the various holdings and object genres of the collection and at the same time takes you on a journey through time to experience 3000 years of ancient cultural history in multi-faceted stations: from ancient Egypt to Heinrich Schliemann's discoveries in Troy and the development of writing in the various ancient cultures; from the sphere of the gods and mythical heroes to Attic everyday life; from burial customs to the minting of coins in the various cultures of the Mediterranean region.

Showcase plan of the permanent exhibition

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