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Visual Cultures of Antiquity

The aim of the project is the evaluation of the archaic pottery finds of the excavation campaigns 2004-2013 (excavation director Prof. Dr. WD Niemeier) and 2014 (excavation director Prof. Dr. Katja Sporn) of the German Archaeological Institute, Athens Department, from the sanctuary of Kalapodi (Phokis) under typological as well as statistical aspects.

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In addition to ceramic imports, especially from the major production centres of the Archaic period, Corinth and Athens, which are attested in the sanctuary, as well as isolated local imitations of imported wares, a high percentage of the material consists of simple, monochrome painted local wares.

Exterior of the Attic black-figure bowl from Kalapodi
(around 490 BC) (Photo: M. Stark)
Local skyphos from Kalapodi (Photo: M. Stark)

Within the framework of the evaluation of the material, the relationship between imported and local pottery is to be determined in order to gain indications of the regional and supra-regional importance of the sanctuary in archaic times. Another aspect is the question of the range of forms and types of vessels used in the sanctuary context and the ritual practice associated with them. Furthermore new insights into the development of local pottery production are to be gained in comparison with other find sites and neighbouring regions.

Contact Person: Dr. Michaela Stark