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Latin I

Language certificate Latin I


Please note that you must have completed the language certificate I no later than at the end of the second semester if it is a prerequisite for your degree programme. If you have not taken the language certificate exam by the specified deadline, you will be exmatriculated from your subject.

The objective of the language course Latin I is the acquisition of elementary grammatical knowledge and the acquisition of basic vocabulary (about 900 words).

The scope of the course is 6 semester hours per week. Beyond that, you should schedule 6 to 10 semester hours per week for preparation and revising. Regular participation in the course is presupposed. You can also participate in the tutorial.

For your information: In your first semester, you learn everything you would have learned in school within four years.

To register for the course, please use the university-internal administrative system FlexNow. Registration deadlines for the courses (regular and AfK) can be found under the following link: Should your degree programme neither require a Latin language certificate nor Latin as AfK course, please send an e-mail to the competence centre stating your subject and the combination of subjects: (


Techritz, C. et al., Lingua Latina, Intensivkurs Latinum,
Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch,
Ernst Klett Sprachen, Stuttgart 2012.
ISBN: 978-3-12-528780-8

The examination is a written test. As a rule, only one re-examination is offered per semester. A third exam date is not offered.

Content of the examination

Part 1: Translation of a text based on Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum. The text consists of about 90 words.

Part 2a: Questions on the grammar related to the translated text, with which the acquired grammar knowledge is tested.

Part 2b: Questions on the subjunctive in the main sentence and/or the functions of cases.

The exam is written without a dictionary.

 It is also possible to obtain the language certificate Latin language I in an intensive course before starting your degree programme. Find out more about this on the website of the Centre for Foreign Language and Vocational Competence (ZfbK) at the following link:

Information on the current intensive course, which will take place in August/September, is available under the following link:

Further information on the language certificate can be found in the Special Regulations (MUG) of your degree programme.

Participation certificates will not be issued.