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Latin II

It is the objective of the language course Latin II to deepen the knowledge and skills acquired in Latin I so that you have acquired a knowledge of the Latin language that is equivalent to the Latinum — Latin proficiency certificate at the end of the course. To reach this goal, you will be reading slightly simplified texts that are relevant to the Latin proficiency certificate and, if possible, to your degree programme.

The scope of the course is 6 semester hours per week. Beyond that, you should schedule 6 to 10 semester hours per week for preparation and revising. Regular participation in the course is presupposed. You can also participate in the tutorial.

To register for the course, please use the university-internal administrative system FlexNow. Registration deadlines for the courses (regular and AfK) can be found under the following link: Should your degree programme neither require a Latin language certificate nor Latin as AfK course, please send an e-mail to the competence centre stating your subject and the combination of subjects: (


Techritz, C. et al., Lingua Latina, Intensivkurs Latinum,
Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch,
Ernst Klett Sprachen, Stuttgart 2012.
ISBN: 978-3-12-528780-8

Permitted dictionaries

Langenscheidt – Großes Schulwörterbuch Lateinisch-Deutsch – Klausurausgabe, Langenscheidt.

ISBN: 978-3-468-07206-2.

Pons Wörterbuch, Schule und Studium, Latein – Deutsch (includes an extra removable booklet with a short grammar, maps, and an overview over the 100 most important personalities of Roman antiquity), PONS.

ISBN: 978-3-12-517555-6.

Stowasser, Schulwörterbuch: Lateinisch – Deutsch, Oldenbourg Schulbuchverlag. ISBN: 978-3-637-13405-8.

The examination is a written test. As a rule, only one re-examination is offered per semester. A third exam date is not offered.

Content of the examination

Part 1: Translation of a text from Cicero’s orations. The text consists of about 95 words.

Part 2a: One question respectively on the grammar and the style of the text.

You may use a dictionary for this examination (see “permitted dictionaries”).

Language Certificate Latin II

Without the language certificate Latin II, you will not be able to attend certain modules of your degree programme. Please consult the special regulations of your study subject (MUG) for further information as to which modules these are.