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  • Florian Ackermann (Diplom ATW)
    Project Manager Frankfurt LAB, Frankfurt am Main
  • Michele Adelhardt (Diplom ATW)
  • Carsten Ahrens (Diplom ATW)
  • Franziska Aigner (MA CUP)
  • Heike Alfers (Diplom ATW)
    Corporate Communications and Consulting, Berlin
  • Jenny Allmendinger (Diplom ATW)
    Advertising film director (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Ludwigsburg), cutter, Stuttgart
  • Sarah Altmann (Diplom ATW)
    Screenwriter for film and TV, Cologne
  • Tamara Antonijevic (MA CuP)
  • Martin Apelt (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg, Director of Drama at the Staatstheater Darmstadt (previously Head of Drama at the Stadttheater Giessen),
  • Charlotte Arens (Master ATW)
  • Adria Badagnani (Diplom ATW)
  • Jung-Yun Bae (MA CUP)
  • Sarah Maria Bahr (Diplom ATW)
  • Christina Barandun (Diplom ATW)
    Author, Aikido for Artists, Cologne,
  • Karin Bares (Diplom ATW)
    Artistic direction and management KLEINES THEATER am Südwestkorso, Berlin,
  • Christina Baron (BA ATW)
  • Helmut Barz (Diplom ATW)
  • Alexander Bauer (Master ATW)
  • Anja Bayer (Diplom ATW)
  • Clemens Bechtel (Diplom ATW)
    Freelance director, Coburg
  • Anna K. Becker (Diplom ATW)
  • Jochen Becker (Diplom ATW)
    Critic, curator, metroZones, Berlin
  • Silke Becker (Diplom ATW)
  • Rose Beermann (MA CUP)
  • Oliver Behnecke (Diplom ATW)
    Urban space staging, festival organizer, JLU anniversary coordinator, 2008.
  • Stefan Behrendt (BA ATW)
    freelance director, Berlin
  • Aline Benecke (Diplom ATW)
  • Henriette Benninghoff (Diplom ATW)
    Engagement in media, print, event and film
  • Alexander Moritz Berg (Diplom ATW)
  • Anne Berg (Diplom ATW)
  • Katharina Berger
  • Philipp Bergmann (MA ATW)
  • Ana Berkenhoff (BA ATW)
    Performer, Berlin/London,
  • Verena Billinger (MA ATW)
    freelance choreographer, dramaturge, performer; lives and works in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt,
  • Katharina Bischoff (Diplom ATW)
  • Stéphane Bittoun (Diplom ATW)
    director and actor (film & theatre), TMT Jones, Frankfurt am Main,
  • Sebastian Blasius (Diplom ATW)
    freelance director, Bonn
  • Julia Blawert
  • Jana Blöchle (MA ATW)
  • Christian Blomberg (Diplom ATW)
  • Bettina Blum (Diplom ATW)
  • Danjela Boco (Diplom ATW)
  • Christian Bodenstein (Diplom ATW)
    author, Frankfurt am Main,
  • Esther Boldt (Diplom ATW)
    theatre critic, Frankfurt am Main
  • Dr. Petra Bolte-Picker (Diplom ATW)
    Dr., Diversity representative (research assistant) in the dean's office of FB 05 Language, Literature, Culture, JLU Gießen, Gießen
  • Sarah Bonnert (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant and doctoral candidate at HfG Offenbach, Frankfurt am Main
  • Hannah Borisch (Diplom ATW)
    Hannah Borisch, Doctoral Candidate at the Research Training Group Medial Historiographies, Weimar,
  • Hans-Friedrich Bormann (Diplom ATW)
    Academic Councilor at the Institute for Theater and Media Studies at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Nuremberg,
  • Nora Borodziej
  • Anneka Bösenberg (Diplom ATW)
  • Petra Böttcher (Diplom ATW)
  • Rita Maria Brebaum (Diplom ATW)
  • Christine Brenk (Diplom ATW)
    teacher, Lampertheim
  • Tobias Brenk (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg at Kaserne Basel, Basel,
  • Anna Bresztowszky (Diplom ATW)
  • Anne-Kathrin Brinkmann (Diplom ATW)
    Editor ZDF/arte, Frankfurt am Main
  • Eric Brinkmann (Diplom ATW)
    Ideas/concept editor for the Harald Schmidt Show and for Zimmer Frei, freelance scriptwriter and realizer for SWR, WDR, ZDF, 3sat., Cologne,
  • Annette Brockgreitens (Diplom ATW)
    natural health professional (Alexandertechnique), Bad Salzuflen,
  • Julia (Jules) Buchholtz (Diplom ATW)
  • Jan Andreas Buck (Diplom ATW)
  • Billy Bultheel (MA CUP)
  • Christina Bultmann (Diplom ATW)
  • Jörn Burmester (Diplom ATW)
    Performer, author, dramaturg, Berlin,
  • Johanna Castell (Diplom ATW)
  • Agnes Christ (Diplom ATW)
  • Andreina Coatto (Diplom ATW)
    actress, Frankfurt am Main
  • Claas Cordes (Diplom ATW)
    FH-chancellor, Berlin
  • Ulrike Czermak (Diplom ATW)
    director, Mühlheim,
  • Beate Czogalla (Diplom ATW)
    Professor of Theatre Design, Georgia College, Milledgeville, USA
  • Isabell Dachsteiner (Diplom ATW)
  • Annette Daubner (Diplom ATW)
  • Stefan Dehler (Diplom ATW)
    dramaturg and actor, stille hunde, Göttingen,
  • Björn SC Deigner (Diplom ATW)
    theatre musician, radioplaywrights, Berlin
  • Barbara Deiker (Diplom ATW)
    Head of the Gymansial branch of the Clemens Brentano European School in Lollar and teacher of German / Performing Play
  • Manuela Demmler (Diplom ATW)
  • Miriam Denger (Diplom ATW)
  • Michaela Dicu (Diplom ATW)
    freelance director, Polle,
  • Stefanie Diekmann (Diplom ATW)
    Chair of Media Studies, Institute for Media and Theater, University of Hildesheim
  • Jens Dietrich (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg, Hamburg
  • Csongor Dobrotka (Diplom ATW)
    Employee of the Hessian Film and Media Academy - hfma in Offenbach/Main
  • Georg Döcker (Master ATW)
    PhD-student at Roehampton University and scholarship holder of Roehampton University and TECHNE Consortium, London
  • Martin Doll (Diplom ATW)
    Dr., Research associate (media studies) at the University of Luxembourg,
  • Birgit Domin, geb. Scholten (Diplom ATW)
  • Kai Dorenkamp (Diplom ATW)
  • Stephan Dorn (BA ATW)
  • Sandra Draschaft (Diplom ATW)
  • Isabelle Drexler (Diplom ATW)
    Doctoral student,
  • Miriam Dreysse (Diplom ATW)
    Professor of Theater Studies at Universität der Künste, Berlin
  • Marcus Droß (Diplom ATW)
    Director, dramaturg, performer; artistic co-direction at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main
  • Nikola Duric (Diplom ATW)
    Performer Showcase Beat Le Mot, Hamburg
  • Tobias Dusche (Diplom ATW)
    Author, cutter, director, Hamburg
  • Kathrin Ebmeier
  • Thorsten Eibeler (Diplom ATW)
    Performer Showcase Beat Le Mot, Hamburg,
  • André Eiermann (Promotion ATW)
    Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies,
  • Nils Engelhard (Diplom ATW)
    Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Seevetal,
  • Tom Engels (MA CUP)
  • Karin Eppler (Diplom ATW)
    Director and author, Harlekin Theaterverlag,
  • Caroline Ernst (Diplom ATW)
  • Wolf-Dieter Ernst (Diplom ATW)
    Professor of Theater Studies at Universität Bayreuth, Bayreuth,
  • Anneka Esch-van Kan (Diplom ATW)
  • Carolin Eschenbrenner (Diplom ATW)
    Head of public relations at the Theater Plauen-Zwickau,
  • Dr. Jörn Etzold (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Frankfurt am Main
  • Kerstin Evert (Diplom ATW)
    Dr., artistic direction K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg, Hamburg,
  • Agnes Fabich (MA ATW)
  • Fanny Falquéro (Diplom ATW)
  • Ralf-Rüdiger Faßbender (Diplom ATW)
    Spokesman for the ARD.ZDF medienakademie, previously program editor, trainer, moderator, conceptual manager, etc. in the media sector, Nuremberg,
  • Florian Feigl (Diplom ATW)
    Performer, Showcase Beat Le Mot, Wagner-Feigl-Forschung, Berlin
  • Wolfgang Feindt (Diplom ATW)
    Editor ZDF, Wiesbaden
  • Sabine Felker (Diplom ATW)
    Performer/director, Savier Klaro Ensemble, Mainz
  • Kathrin Felzmann (Diplom ATW)
  • Alice Ferl (Diplom ATW)
  • Sabine Feuerbach (Diplom ATW)
  • Matti Fischer (Diplom ATW)
    Pastor, Marburg
  • Ulrich 'Kaon' Fischer (Diplom ATW)
    Voice and communication coach, Berlin,
  • Sophie Venga Fitz (Diplom ATW)
    Editor at ZDF, Main Editorial Office TV Film/Series II, Frankfurt am Main
  • Christian Fleißner (Diplom ATW)
    Lecturer, sound design/sound engineering/composition, music/book/exhibition/concertt, Gießen,
  • Christian Flierl (Diplom ATW)
    Doctoral student, Gießen
  • Susanne Foellmer (Diplom ATW)
    Dance scholar/ dramaturg Berlin,
  • Daniel Franz (Diplom ATW)
  • Johanna Freiburg (Diplom ATW)
    Performerin Gob Squad, SheShePop, Berlin,
  • Paul Chico Freisleben
  • Juliane Freitag (Diplom ATW)
  • Ina Freiwald (Diplom ATW)
    Freelance journalist and author
  • Christina Antje Friedrich (Diplom ATW)
    Filmcritic and photographer, Biarritz und Coolangatta
  • Jürgen Fritz (Diplom ATW)
    Performer, Frankfurt am Main
  • Claudia Fröhling (Diplom ATW)
  • Fanny Frohnmeyer (Diplom ATW)
  • Hellmut Fulss (Diplom ATW)
    Assistant director (feature film)
  • Inge Gappmaier (MA CUP)

    Choreographer, dancer and dance pedagogue, Vienna,

  • Sven Garbade (Diplom ATW)
    Author, Bremen
  • Andrea Gerk (Diplom ATW)
    Editor NDR, Hannover
  • Manuel Gerst (Diplom ATW)
  • Alexander Giesche (BA ATW)
  • Jan Philipp Gloger (Diplom ATW)
  • Christoph Glogger (Diplom ATW)
    Trainer, Moderator, impulswerk, Dackenheim,
  • Gregor Glogowski (MA ATW)
  • Hagen Gottschalck (Diplom ATW)
    Film director hagenfilm, Frankfurt am Main,
  • Christian Grammel (Diplom ATW)
    freelance director, dramaturg and  conceptionist, Cologne /
  • Johannes Grebert (Diplom ATW)
    Theatre and film director, Berlin,
  • Alina Gregor (Diplom ATW)
    freelance director and lecturer for acting, Hamburg,
  • Heiko Griesel (Diplom ATW)
    Author and dramaturge at the Theater Naumburg, Kassel,
  • Thomas Gröning (Diplom ATW)
  • Maiken-Ilke Groß (Diplom ATW)
    Press spokesperson Folkwang Universität der Künste, Ruhrgebiet,
  • Benedikt Grubel (BA ATW)
  • Maria Guggenbichler (Diplom ATW)
  • Charles Guillaume (Diplom ATW)
    Concept, editing and media consulting Marburger Freitagszeitung, Marburg/Gießen
  • Sarah Günther (Diplom ATW)
  • Marion Güntzel (Diplom ATW)
  • Maximilian Haas (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg, doctoral student, Berlin
  • Oliver Carlos Haas (Diplom ATW)
    freelance, Mainz,
  • Maria Isabel Hagen
  • Christopher Felix Hahn (BA ATW)
  • Christina Hänsel (Diplom ATW)
    Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln, Radio playwright
  • Ulrike Hanstein (Diplom ATW)

    professor for art and media, Art university Linz

  • Marie Harder (Diplom ATW)

  • Doctoral student, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg,
  • Oliver Hardt (Diplom ATW)
    Director, Frankfurt am Main,
  • Angela Harter (MA ATW)
  • Ursula Härtling (Diplom ATW)
  • Helgard Haug (Diplom ATW)
    Director: RIMINI-PROTOKOLL, Berlin,
  • Janine Hauthal (Diplom ATW)
    Doctoral student, Frankfurt am Main
  • Alisa Hecke (MA ATW)
  • Jens Heitjohann (Diplom ATW)
    Director, Festival director, lecturer, Leipzig/Berlin, Leipzig/Berlin,
  • Michaela Hendrich (Diplom ATW)
    Master gardener, Frankfurt am Main
  • Saskia Hennig von Lange, geb. Fleckenstein (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant at the Institute of Art History, Universität Gießen, Gießen
  • Benno Henning von Lange (Diplom ATW)
  • Frank Hentschker (Diplom ATW)
    Dr., Director Special projects, Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, New York,
  • Melanie Herbe (Diplom ATW)
  • Bernhard Herbordt (Diplom ATW)
    Part of artistic team Herbordt/Mohren,
  • Kirsten Herkenrath (Diplom ATW)
    Public Relations/Dramaturgy Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
  • Lina Hermsdorf (Diplom ATW)
  • Alberto Herskovits (Diplom ATW)
    Documentary filmmaker, Berlin
  • Stine Hertel (Diplom ATW)
  • Chris Herzog (Master ATW)
  • Martin Heying (Diplom ATW)
    Light designer
  • Lorenz Hippe-Erben (Diplom ATW)
    Director, Heidelberg
  • Marcus Stefan Hladek (Diplom ATW)
    Journalist, Schwalbach
  • Benjamin Hoesch (MA ATW)
  • Anke Hofemann, geb. Meißner (Diplom ATW)
  • Melchior Hoffmann (Diplom ATW)
  • Hannah Hofmann (Diplom ATW)
    Director and author Hofmann&Lindholm,
  • Wolfgang Hofmann (Diplom ATW)
  • Stefan Hölscher (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, PhD student, Frankfurt am Main
  • Jens Holst (Diplom ATW)
    Theatre critic, Frankfurt am Main
  • Harald Holstein (Diplom ATW)
    freelance actor, director and filmmaker, Hannover
  • Noah Holtwiesche (Diplom ATW)
    Doctoral student, Berlin
  • Mossein Hosseini (Diplom ATW)
    Choreograph, Frankfurt am Main
  • Katrin Hylla
  • Margret Jacobs (Diplom ATW)
  • Tessa Jahn (Diplom ATW)
  • research associate in the DFG project "Bilder von Bewegung - Tanzfotografie 1900-1920"" at the Institute of Theater Studies, FU Berlin
  • Claudia Jansen (Diplom ATW)
    Director/artistic direction HAJUSOM!, author, Hamburg,
  • Arnita Jaunsubrena
  • Bodo Jentzsch (BA ATW)
  • Christoph Jilo (Diplom ATW)
    Musician, author, director, Gießen
  • Matthias Jochmann (BA ATW)
  • Lars Johansen (Diplom ATW)
    Director Kabarett Kugelblitze, Magdeburg,
  • Marc Jungreitmeier (Diplom ATW)
  • Stefan Kaegi
  • Petra Kaiser (Diplom ATW)
    Institut für Bildmedien am Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe
  • Britta Kamptner (Diplom ATW)
  • Philipp Karau (Diplom ATW)
  • Karin Karn (Diplom ATW)
  • Winnie Karnofka (Diplom ATW)
  • Swenja Karsten (Diplom ATW)
  • Miriam Kastell (Diplom ATW)
  • Thomas Keller (Diplom ATW)
  • Katharina Kellermann (Diplom ATW)
    Audio artist, Hamburg/Frankfurt am Main,
  • Friederike Kenneweg (Diplom ATW)
    Author, Berlin
  • Ina Annett Keppel (Diplom ATW)
  • Anne Kersting (Diplom ATW)
  • Meret Kiderlen (MA ATW)
  • Elisabeth Kiefer (Diplom ATW)
  • Olivia Hyunsin Kim (MA CuP)
    Choreographer, Director (Opera, Theatre, Dance) ,
  • Milena Kipfmüller (Diplom ATW)
  • Mark Kleber (Diplom ATW)
  • Ina Kleine-Wiskott (Diplom ATW)
    Radio playwright and musician, Frankfurt am Main
  • Tonio Kleinknecht (Diplom ATW)
    Intendant at the Zimmertheater in Rottweil, theater pedagogue at the Staatstheater Darmstadt, Rottweil,
  • Tobias Klose (Diplom ATW)
    Lecturer at the Max Planck Society, München
  • Sabine Klötzer (Diplom ATW)
    Editor and codirector of the newspaper "Devora Ran", Barcelona,
  • Ferdinand Eckbert Klüsener (MA ATW)
  • Julia Knaack (Diplom ATW)
    freelance TV editor, Berlin
  • Stefanie Knobel (MA ATW)
  • Maika Knoblich (BA ATW)
  • Hans-Joachim Knoop (Diplom ATW)
  • Ralf Kockel (Diplom ATW)
  • Morten Koefoed (Diplom ATW)
  • Esther Köhring (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant at Universität Würzburg, Würzburg
  • Arnd Kommer (Diplom ATW)
  • Charlotte Könenkamp (Diplom ATW)
  • Sebastian König (Diplom ATW)
  • Arnd Kosmack (Diplom ATW)
    Doctoral student, Berlin
  • Dariusz Kostyra (Diplom ATW)
    Performer Showcase Beat Le Mot, Berlin,
  • Triada Kovalenko (MA ATW)
  • Bastian Kraft (Diplom ATW)
  • Julia Krause (Diplom ATW)
  • Florian Krauß (Diplom ATW)
  • Thomas Krauß (Diplom ATW)
  • Anna Krauß (MA ATW)
  • Marion Krechting (jetzt Güntzel)
    Specialized journalist, Frechen
  • Elisabeth Krefta (Diplom ATW)
  • Juliane Kremberg (Diplom ATW)
  • Christiane Kretschmer (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturgy/ Assistance to the Artistic Director, Sophiensaele Berlin, Berlin,
  • Sylvi Kretzschmar (Diplom ATW)
  • Hans-Werner Kroesinger (Diplom ATW)
    Director, Berlin
  • Jan-Tage Kühling (MA ATW)
  • Anne Kuhn (Diplom ATW)
  • Stefanie Kuhn (Diplom ATW)
  • Claudia Küppers (Diplom ATW)
    Choreograper/ freelance, Düsseldorf
  • Recha la Dous (MA ATW)
  • Bernhard la Dous geb. Greif (MA ATW)
  • Friederike Lampert (Diplom ATW)
    Dancer/ Choreographer, Hamburg
  • Annett Lang
  • Anne Laubner (BA ATW)
  • Jörg Laue (Diplom ATW)
    Director LOSE COMBO, Berlin,
  • Uwe Lauer (Diplom ATW)
  • Iris Laufenberg (Diplom ATW)
    Director Berliner Theatertreffen, Berlin,
  • Carola Lehmann (Diplom ATW)
    Performer, lecturer, curator, author, Berlin,
  • Jörg Karl Lemmer (Diplom ATW)
    Image editor, Frankfurt am Main,
  • Lea Letzel (Diplom ATW)
  • Maja Maria Liebau (Diplom ATW)
    Word and culture work, Bremen,
  • René Liebert (Diplom ATW)
  • Lina Lindheimer (MA CuP)
    Tänzerin, freie Choreografin
  • Sven Lindholm (Diplom ATW)
    Director and author Hofmann&Lindholm, Jun.-Professor Uni Bochum, Cologne,
  • Elisabeth Lindig (Master ATW)
  • Jana Mila Lippitz (BA ATW)
  • Julie Little (Mandal) (Diplom ATW)
  • Katharina Loch (Diplom ATW)
    Daramturg, Dresden
  • Georg Lochter (Diplom ATW)
  • Corinna Loos(Marientkopf) (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg, Wiesbaden
  • Renate Lorenz (Diplom ATW)
    Artist, Berlin; Professor for art and research, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, Berlin,
  • Stefanie Lorey (Diplom ATW)
    Part of directoral team Auftrag : Lorey, professor at ZHDK
  • Franziska Loy (Diplom ATW)
  • Elisabeth Lucassen (Diplom ATW)
    Performer She She Pop, Berlin,
  • Birgit Luick (Diplom ATW)
    Teacher at the Helene Lange School in Wiesbaden, director of the school theater, yoga teacher, Wiesbaden,
  • Sylvia Lutz (Diplom ATW)
  • Anke Mager
  • Angela Mages (Diplom ATW)
    freelance 1st shot director for film/TV, Berlin
  • Barbara Mahlkemper (Diplom ATW)
    Bookseller, Dortmund
  • Bärbel Maier (Diplom ATW)
  • Kiran-Angela Malhotra (Diplom ATW)
  • Florian Malzacher (Diplom ATW)
    Theater critic, organizer unfriendly takeover, head dramaturg, curator for the Steirischer Herbst
  • Johanna Manzewski (Diplom ATW)
  • Imke Marggraf (Diplom ATW)
    Editor, Cologne
  • Frank Markowski (Diplom ATW)
  • Marialena Marouda (MA ATW)
  • Enad Marouf
  • Christopher Martin (Diplom ATW)
    Web designer/programmer, Frankfurt am Main,
  • Thomas Martius (Diplom ATW)
    Director, video maker, image and text worker, performer, Berlin,
  • Bettina Masuch (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturgin Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin,
  • Astrid Matron (Diplom ATW)
  • Annemarie Matzke (Diplom ATW)
    Professor, Performer SheShePop, Autorin, Berlin,
  • Franz-Xaver Mayr (BA ATW)
  • Michael Mc Crae
  • Michael Neil McCrae
  • Björn Mehlig (Diplom ATW)
    ( Björn Auftrag) part of directoral team Auftrag:Lorey. professor for performative arts, HBK Braunschweig
  • Carmen Mehnert (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg and program director Performing Arts Hellerau, Dresden
  • Sara Melchior (BA ATW)
  • Claudia Mense (Diplom ATW)
  • Matthias Meppelink
    Sound, space and light artist, Berlin
  • Kris Merken (Diplom ATW)
  • Melanie Meyer (Diplom ATW)
    freelance, Berlin,
  • Andreas Mihan (Diplom ATW)
  • Bettina Milz (Diplom ATW)
    Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Head of unit Theater und Tanz, Düsseldorf,
  • Matthias Mohr (Diplom ATW)
  • Melanie Mohren (Diplom ATW)
    Part of artistic team Herbordt/Mohren,
  • Sergio Morabito (Diplom ATW)
    Chief dramaturge Stuttgart Opera, Stuttgart,
  • Astrid Müller (Diplom ATW)
  • Frank Max Müller (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Frankfurt am Main
  • Walburga Müller (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg, Tel Aviv
  • Till Müller-Klug (Diplom und Promotion ATW)
    Author, director and founding member of Interrobang, Berlin, Berlin,
  • Deborah Julia Neininger (Diplom ATW)
  • Irina Nemecky (Diplom ATW)
  • Antje Neukamm (Diplom ATW)
    Advertising, Frankfurt am Main
  • Götz Neumann (Diplom ATW)
  • Boris Nikitin (Diplom ATW)
    Director, Curator, Basel,
  • Peter Oberdorf (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg at Theater Passau, Passau,
  • Katharina Oberlik (Diplom ATW)
    Performer SheShePop, Hamburg,
  • Rüdiger Oberschür (Diplom ATW)
  • Fabian Offert (Diplom ATW)
  • Lutz-Steffen Orlet (Diplom ATW)
    Stage caller, Berlin
  • Ilja Papatheodorou (Diplom ATW)
    Performer  SheShePop, Berlin,
  • Kirstin Pauka (Diplom ATW)
    Professor for Asian Theatre, University of Hawaii at Manoa,
  • Anna Peschke (Diplom ATW)
    Director and performer,
  • Bettina Petry (Diplom ATW)
    ZDF theatre channel, editor, Mainz,
  • Susanne Pfister (MA ATW)
  • Claudia Plöchinger (Diplom ATW)
  • Beatrice Plümer (Mahlkemper) (Diplom ATW)
  • René Pollesch (Diplom ATW)
    Author, director, Berlin
  • Janosch Pomerenke (Diplom ATW)
  • Insa Popken (Diplom ATW)
    freelance dramaturge and author, Bremen
  • Steffen Popp (Diplom ATW)
    freelance director and author, Offenbach
  • Anne-Fatma Porst (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant at Universität Bielefeld, M.A. Drama Therapy (NYU Steinhardt School)
  • Carina Premer (BA ATW)
  • Patrick Primavesi (Diplom ATW)
    Professor for Theatre studies at Universität Leipzig
  • Frank Prof. Ringwald (Diplom ATW)
    Professor for Animation and VFX, Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin, Berlin,
  • Annette Pullen (Diplom ATW)
  • Matthias Quabbe (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg at K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie / Tanzplan Hamburg auf Kampnagel, Hamburg,
  • Hendrik Quast (Diplom ATW)
  • Lisa-Marie Radtke
  • Sahar Rahimi (Diplom ATW)
  • Eva Rákosi (Diplom ATW)
  • Nicolai Reher (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant FU Berlin
  • Thea Reifler (MA ATW)
  • Sabine Reinhard (Diplom ATW)
    TV-editor, Leipzig
  • Rike Reiniger (Diplom ATW)
    Director & auhtor Berlin
  • Uwe Richterich (Diplom ATW)
    Author, film director, Cologne
  • Moritz Rinke (Diplom ATW)
    Theater author, Berlin
  • Felix Ritter (Diplom ATW)
    Freelance dramaturge, teacher at SNDO Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  • David Rittershaus (MA ATW)
  • Christoph Rodatz (Diplom ATW)
    JProfessorship for Media Aesthetics, Bergische Universität Wuppertal and i can be your translator,
  • Jan Rohwedder (Diplom ATW)
  • Jochen Roller (Diplom ATW)
    Choreographer/dancer, Berlin,
  • Christina Romhanyi (Diplom ATW)
  • Jens Roselt (Diplom ATW)
    Autor/ research assistant FU Berlin, Berlin
  • Paula Rosolen (MA CUP)
    Dancer, Choreographer,
  • Falk Rößler (Master ATW)
  • René Rothert (Diplom ATW)
  • Lea Vanessa Rudolph
  • Jörg Rupprecht (Diplom ATW)
  • Bettina Rychener
  • Katrin Sailer (Diplom ATW)
  • Karin Sakowski (Diplom ATW)
  • Wolfram Sander (Diplom ATW)
  • Claudia-Elisabeth Schafheutle (Diplom ATW)
    Children & Youth Theater, Cologne
  • Ute Schall (Diplom ATW)
    Cutter/Cinematographer poleposition d.c., Berlin,
  • André Schallenberg (Diplom ATW)
    research assistant, IfG II/Theaterforschung, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg
  • Annika Scheffel (Diplom ATW)
  • Susanne Scheiber (Diplom ATW)
  • Juliane Scherf (Diplom ATW)
  • Katharina Schmidt
  • Beate Schmidt (Diplom ATW)
  • Marion Schneider (Diplom ATW)
  • Veronika Schneider (Diplom ATW)
  • Lea Schneidermann
  • Heribert Schneiders (Diplom ATW)
    Editor, Leipzig
  • Stephan Schnell (Diplom ATW)
  • Torsten Schnurbusch (Diplom ATW)
    Sao Paulo, Brasilen
  • Robert Schoen (Diplom ATW)
  • Malte Scholz (Diplom ATW)
  • Matthias Schönijahn (MA ATW)
  • Verena Schonlau (Diplom ATW)
    Performerin bei NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS, Berlin,
  • Mathias Schönsee (Diplom ATW)
  • Serena Schranz (Diplom ATW)
  • Clarisse Schröder (Diplom ATW)
  • Olav Schröer (Diplom ATW)
  • Mark Schröppel (Diplom ATW)
  • Volker Schubert (Diplom ATW)
    Theater pedagogue at Landestheater Tübingen
  • Anja-Giselle Schüler (Diplom ATW)
  • Philipp Schulte (Diplom ATW)
    Doctoral student at the University of Giessen, assistant at the Hessian Theater Academy, research associate at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies Giessen, Frankfurt am Main
  • Sebastian Schulz (BA ATW, MA CuP)
    freelance choreographer, lives and works in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt,
  • Susanne Schulz (Diplom ATW)
    Dr. Susanne Schulz, Intendant,
  • Imke Schulze (Diplom ATW)
    Communication Designer, Danndorf,
  • Janine Schulze (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant at the Institute for Theater Studies and in Curricular Management at the Faculty of History, Art and Oriental Studies at the University of Leipzig, Leipzig
  • Britta Schwem (Diplom ATW)
  • Alexander Schwinghammer (Diplom ATW)
    Doctoral student
  • Philipp Seidel (Diplom ATW)
  • Johanna Franziska Seitz (Dpilom ATW)
  • Katharina Sendfeld
  • Ralf Siebelt (Diplom ATW)
    director at the LTT in Tübingen
  • Julia Siebert (Diplom ATW)
    Künstlerhaus zeitraumexit, Mannheim,
  • Roland Siegwald (Diplom ATW)
  • Jennifer Sittler (BA ATW)
  • Katrin Skok (Diplom ATW)
    Frankfurt am Main,
  • Alicia Solzbacher (Diplom ATW)
    Stückemarkt Heidelberg, Heidelberg,
  • Astrid Sommer (Diplom ATW)
    Translator/Editor/Dramaturg, Würzburg
  • Katja Sonnemann (Diplom ATW)
    Artistic production management, Theater der Welt, Stuttgart,
  • Katharina Speckmann (MA ATW)
  • Caroline Spellenberg (Diplom ATW)
  • Sylke Spender (Diplom ATW)
    Actress, Stauraum, Foreign Affairs e.f., Frankfurt am Main
  • Claudia Splitt (Diplom ATW)
    Actress, singer Madonna Hip Hop Massacre, Berlin
  • Veit Sprenger (Diplom ATW)
    Dr., Performer, Showcase Beat Le Mot, Hamburg,
  • Tim Staffel (Diplom ATW)
    Author, Berlin
  • Aleksandra Stankiewicz (MA ATW)
  • Rebekka Stanzel (Diplom ATW)
    director, Dipl. theater scientist, trainer, Braunschweig,
  • Katja Staschewski (Diplom ATW)
    Screenwriter film and television, freelance television journalist and producer Zdf, Ard, Nos, Madrid
  • Thomas Steer (Diplom ATW)
    freelance, Hamburg
  • Dagmar Steigenberger (Diplom ATW)
    Editor of culture magazine Leonart, Bad Tölz,
  • Esther Steinbrecher (Diplom ATW)
    Director, author Berlin
  • Ute Steinecke (Diplom ATW)
  • Sabine Stemmler (Diplom ATW)
  • Katharina Stephan (Diplom ATW)
  • Petra Steuber (Diplom ATW)
  • Tomasz Stompor (Diplom ATW)
  • Tim Strehlau (Diplom ATW)
    Editor Phoenix
  • Susanne Strenger (Diplom ATW)
    freelance actress
  • Nele Stuhler (MA ATW)
  • Berit Stumpf (Diplom ATW)
    Performer Gob Squad and SheShePop, Berlin
  • Eva Maria Stüting (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg, Hamburg
  • Anne Südmeyer (Diplom ATW)
  • Helge-Antje Süreth (Diplom ATW)
    Frankfurt am Main
  • Iva Sveshtarova (MA CuP)
  • Nils Tabert (Diplom ATW)
    Translator/Editor, Rowohlt Theaterverlag, Hamburg,
  • Karl Tebbe (Diplom ATW)
  • Anne Tenhaef (Diplom ATW)
  • Ulrike Tetzner (Diplom ATW)
  • Anna Teuwen (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg Kampnagel Hamburg, Hamburg
  • Romain Thibaud-Rose (MA CUP)
  • Friederike Thielmann (Diplom ATW)
  • Jens Thurmann (Diplom ATW)
  • Jacqueline Tillmann (Diplom ATW)
  • Winfried Tobias (Diplom ATW)
    Dramaturg/director Theater Aalen,
  • Antje Trzeziak (Diplom ATW)
  • Lucie Tuma (Diplom ATW)
  • Rostislav Tumanov (Diplom ATW)
  • Mareike Uhl (Diplom ATW)
    Project management Tanzlabor_21, Frankfurt am Main,
  • Nicola Unger (Diplom ATW)
    DasArts/ scholarship holder, Amsterdam/ Köln
  • Jutta van Uffelen (Temme) (Diplom ATW)
    Script Supervisor (Film), Berlin
  • Magnus Vattrodt (Diplom ATW)
    auhtor, Cologne
  • Ina Vera
  • Camilla Vetters (Diplom ATW)
  • Julia Vogt (Diplom ATW)
  • Luise Voigt (Diplom ATW)
    Director, author, media artist, Berlin
  • Astrid Völker (Diplom ATW)
    Screenwriter + television dramaturge, Berlin,
  • Elise von Bernstorff (Diplom ATW)
    Scholarship holder in the artistic-scientific graduate program "Versammlung und Teilhabe. Urbane Öffentlichkeiten und performative Künste.", Hamburg/Berlin
  • Nicole von Gallera (Diplom ATW)
  • Sara von Jan (Diplom ATW)
    Author and Personal Assistant Dezernat für Bildung und Frauen der Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Stefanie von Lieven (Diplom ATW)
    Lector Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main,
  • Anja von Steht (Diplom ATW)
  • Inga Wagner (Diplom ATW)
    since 2015 dramaturge and deputy director for dance and performance at Theater Freiburg,
  • Otmar Wagner (Diplom ATW)
    Performer, director, bricoleur, essayist, Wien
  • Helena Waldmann (Diplom ATW)
    Freelance director and choreographer, Berlin,
  • Jürgen Waldmann (Diplom ATW)
    Performer/Director, Savier Klaro Ensemble, Mainz
  • Manuela Weichenrieder (Diplom ATW)
    Manuela Weichenrieder, Musician, project manager, Bremen
  • Alma Wellner Bou
  • Anne Wendelin (Bösenberg) (Diplom ATW) Assistenz der Geschäftsführung OneGate Media GmbH (Studio Hamburg) 
  • Mathias Wendelin (Diplom ATW)
    Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, Hamburg,
  • Barbara Wendland (Diplom ATW)
  • Regina Wenig (Diplom ATW)
    Director, Frankfurt am Main
  • Jonas Werminghausen (Abschluss B.A.)
  • Rosa Wernecke (Dilom ATW)
  • Arnd Wesemann (Diplom ATW)
    Editor tanz, Berlin,
  • Markus Weßendorf (Promotion ATW)
    Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Hawaii at Manoa,
  • Daniel Wetzel (Diplom ATW)
    Director: RIMINI-PROTOKOLL, Berlin,
  • Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster (Diplom ATW)
    Production Manager, Wien
  • Hanna Linn Wiegel (Diplom ATW)
  • Jutta Wilbertz (Wilkin) (Diplom ATW)
    Chanson cabaret artist, (crime) writer, lyricist, Cologne,
  • Judith Wilke-Primavesi (Diplom ATW)
    Dr., Program Manager Science at Campus Verlag, Frankfurt am Main
  • Kim Willems
  • Sascha Willenbacher (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich
  • Cornelia Sandra Winkler (Diplom ATW)
  • Susanne Winnacker (Diplom ATW)
    Dr., Project Manager/Dramaturg DasArts, Amsterdam
  • Michael Wolters (Diplom ATW)
  • Isa Wortelkamp (Diplom ATW)
    Junior Professor at the Institute for Theater Studies, FU Berlin, Berlin,
  • Christopher Wurmdobler (Diplom ATW)
    City life editor, journalist and book author, Wien
  • Marie Zahir (Diplom ATW)
  • Susanne Zaun (Diplom ATW)
  • Ute Zeh (Diplom ATW)
    Coaching of managers and employees, Nackenheim,
  • Milan Ziebula (BA ATW)
  • Charlotte Zilm (Diplom ATW)
    Director, Dortmund,
  • Anne Zimmermann (Diplom ATW)
  • Mayte Zimmermann (Diplom ATW)
    Research assistant of Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Müller-Schöll, Goethe Uni Frankfurt (Theater-, Film- and Media Studies), Frankfurt am Main
  • Isabelle Zinsmaier (BA ATW)
  • Wolfgang Zündel (Diplom ATW)
    TV journalist for HR, Kassel