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Project: Teachertales: Using simulation games in teacher education


Anna Kienitz

Theory and practice are often not sufficiently interlinked in the perception of prospective teachers in teacher training. This is problematic because the interlocking of theoretical knowledge with the application of this knowledge in teaching practice plays a central role in the acquisition of professional expertise. Therefore, there are different approaches to close this so-called theory-practice gap. One possibility is the use of digital simulation games in teacher training programs. In the safe learning environment of the simulation game, students can apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their studies to practical teaching situations and try out different options for action.

In the "Teachertales" project, the effects of using digital simulation games in teacher training on motivational and cognitive outcomes will be researched using the simulation game "I as a teacher". In the game, students experience the everyday life of a teacher and decide on their actions in various challenging situations in the classroom. Theory-guided adaptive feedback at the end of each scenario enables direct reflection on the decisions made in class. The knowledge gained in the project will contribute to an evidence-based assessment of the effects of digital classroom simulation games on the professional knowledge of student teachers. To this end, several studies will investigate which concrete characteristics and situations of the simulation game and its use lead to the observed effects. This will make it possible to optimize the design and use of teaching simulation games in undergraduate studies and further teacher training.