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How to find us

Heinrich-Buff-Ring 17
The research group Janek is located in the Institute of Physical Chemistry on the Science Campus at Heinrich-Buff-Ring 17 (Chemistry Building). The secretariat is located in the ground floor of the building (room B59).
Arrival by car

The parking spaces at Heinrich-Buff-Ring are only accessible by employees. Public parking spaces are available between the eastern part of Heinrich-Buff-Ring and Leihgesterner Weg (access via Leihgesterner Weg). Especially during the lecture periods, these parking space might be fully occupied in the mornings, however.

Giessen can be accessed via A5 Frankfurt-Kassel, via A45 Dortmund-Hanau/Würzburg and via A3 Cologne-Frankfurt. Using the approach roads A480 (in the north), A485 (in the east), B429 (in the west) and B49 (in the south) you can get to the city highway ring surrounding Giessen. Then you can get to the science campus by taking the exits "Bergwerkswald" (followed by "Gi.-Klein-Linden") or "Schiffenberger Tal".

Arrival by train

Giessen is accessible by train via Main-Weser-Bahn (Frankfurt-Marburg-Kassel) and from the directions Cologne/Ruhr area-Siegen-Wetzlar, Gelnhausen-Lich and Fulda-Alsfeld. Detailed information is available on the timetable information of Deutsche Bahn. From Giessen station you have multiple possibilities to get to the science campus:

By bus: Take line 10 from Giessen station to stop "Naturwissenschaften".

By foot: You can get to the science campus within 20 minutes by foot.

By taxi: Going by taxi is the fastest option. Tell them you want to go to Universität, Campus Naturwissenschaften, Heinrich-Buff-Ring.