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Institute of Physical Chemistry

Introduction of the Institute of Physical Chemistry

The Institute of Physical Chemistry hosts four professors (Profs. Dres. Janek, Over, Smarsly, Mollenhauer), Priv.-Doz. Dr. Mellau, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Rohnke and four young investigators groups (Dr. Elm, Dr. Gatti, Dr. Richter) and the group of Dr. Henss. The personnel of the institutes includes 91 persons, among them 9 permanent scientists, 14 staff members in technical/administrative services, 15 Postdocs, 53 PhD students. Within the university the institute is one of the most successful institutions with respect to third party funding. Third party funding has a part of approx. 80 % in the total funding of the scientific staff.

The research at the Institute of Physical Chemistry is focussed on the physical chemistry of solids, particularly within the main groups in the directions solid state ionics and electrochemistry, functional nanomaterials and surface chemistry and modell catalysis. The institute is one of the core areas within the Laboratory for Materials Research (LaMa) and is partner within the German competence network on electrochemistry. Correspondingly, the scientific equipment of the institute is based on methods and experimental resurces for solid state chemistry, interface and surface chemistry.

The members of the institute participate in all degree programs of the chemistry faculty. The lab courses in physical chemistry are among the cornerstones of the experimental education.

RG Prof. Dr. Janek
Physical chemistry of solids - solid state ionics and electrochemistry
RG Prof. Dr. Mollenhauer
Theoretical chemistry
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AG Prof. Dr. Over
Surface Chemistry and Model Catalysis
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AG Prof. Dr. Smarsly
Advanced Functional Nanomaterials
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Rohnke
SIMS, Plasmas and Materials
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RG Dr. Gatti
Functional Composite Materials for Optoelectronic Applications
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Staff of the institute
All technical members and the staff of the workshops according to the institute can be found here.
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