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Alumni 2014

Here you can review our Liebig-College students from summer 2014 and their research fields:



From left to right: 

Arianna Kazez (USA) worked on "Dispersion Stabilization of Substituted Tetrahedranes".

Yevheniia Zhyhadlo (UKR) focussed her research on "Increasing Lipophilicity of Peptides by Adamantane and Diamantane Substitution". 

Peter Waddell (USA) gave a talk about "The many possibilities of PINO: free radical aerobic oxidations".

Diana Sun (USA) worked on "Comparative Thiourea Catalyst Studies".

Bruce MacDonald (CAN) worked on "The Synthesis of B,N-Acenes".

Moemn Ibrahims (EGY) workfield was "Proline – A Versatile Catalyst".