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Alumni 2017

Here you can review our Liebig-College students from summer 2017 and their research fields:



From top left to bottom right: 

Emily Roesner (USA)  worked on "Peptide Catalyzed Regioselective Acylation of Carbohydrates".

Chloe McCumiskey (IRL) studied in the field of "Synproportionation Reactions & Recycling of Cu(II) for Selective Hydroxylation of an Aliphatic Ligand".

Haruna Fujimoto (JPN) gave a talk about "Synthesis of Imidazo[1,5-a]pyridine Derivatives and PCIC". 

Rhona Lonergan (IRL) worked in the field of "Selective Hydroxylation and Isolation of an Aliphatic Compound Using Copper(I), Oxygen Activation and an Imine Ligand Intermediate". 

Dominika Wójcik (POL) focussed her research on "Synthesis of Phenanthridinones".

Ella O'Connell (IRL) focussed her research on "Title will be announced on short".

Yevhenii Radchenko (UKR) worked on "Rhodium(II) Carboxylates - Towards Site-Selective Carbenoid Insertions".




Brianna Desveaux (CAN) worked on "Flow-Assisted Synthesis of [10]Cycloparaphenylene Precursors through Serial Microreactions".