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Alumni 2019

Here you can review our Liebig-College students from summer 2019 and their research fields:




From top left to bottom right: 

Anna McCurry (GBR) worked on the "Synthesis of N-8-Quinolinyl-8-quinolinamide derivatives and complexes for application in organic electronics".

Kate Donaghy (IRL) focussed her research on "Selective protection and stability of mannose derivatives".

Yu-Hua Guo (CHN) worked on "Synthesis of monomethyl oxalate and conducted matrix isolation experiments on methoxyhydroxycarbene, as well as computational investigations". 

Dan Brush (USA) worked in the field of "Synthesis of N-alkoxy heterocyclic carbenes and their precursors as a novel class of highly nucleophilic heterocyclic carbenes"

Olga Reshetylova (UKR) worked on "Synthesis of new CBS-catalysts and the investigation of London dispersion in the catalyzed CBS reduction".

Aisling Loftus(IRL) worked on "Heterofunctionalization of Diamondoids - Expanding the Scope of Diamondoid Derivatives via a New Synthetic Route".

Aizuddin Sultan (IRL) focussed his research on "Synthesis and analysis of copper(I)- and iron(II)-complexes with tetradentate tripodal ligands".

Marek Varga (GBR) studied in the field of "Synthesis of Imidazo[1,5-a]pyridines and Imidazo[1,5-a]quinolines".

Puyang Tian (GBR) focussed his research on "Cyclopropane's reactivity investigation towards phthalazine with or without the assistance of bisboron bidentate Lewis acid".

Markus Sak (GBR) worked on "Synthesis of thionated α-keto carboxylic acid esters for the generation of mercapto carbenes and investigation of their tunneling behavior".