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Collection of Scripts

As part of the Student Council students of the faculty 09 founded a working group for the collection of various scripts and module documents as well as of old examinations. This collection is available to all students.


We are of course pleased about any support to keep the collection up to date. Please send us your lecutre summaries or questions of examinations or help us selling the scripts.


Furthermore, we urgently need helping hands as many members of the group are about finishing their studies. Please come and save the working group for the collection of scripts. Otherwise, we will come to a point where we will not be able to hand out any more scripts. It would be very unfortunate to lose the knowledge and all the effort students have put in so far.

For questions or submission of scripts please contact :

You may also come directly to us at the beginnging of a semester. We are located at the basement of the Old Library (Alte Universitätsbibliothek) Bismarckstr. 37.

Your Team for the Collection of Scripts