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Student Council

The student council represents the interests of the students of the faculty 09 to the university. The student council consists of voluntary student representatives who organize themself.

The representation of interests focuses on finding solutions for problems occuring during the every-day life of students.

The students of the counsil are mainly also members in other university committees as for example the Faculty Committee, the Study Committee, the Examination Committee and the QSL Commission. The topics of these meetings are presented and discussed within the students counsil.

Furthermore, there are various working groups within the student council engaged on specific topics (e.g. examination and revision of the module catalogue for the re-accreditation, the organization of recreational activities) who present their ideas and results during the meetings of the student council.

The student council is an ideal opportunity for students to be politically active within our university. You have the chance to mangage special projects and to get to know other students with similar interests. Regular events like barbecueing, movie nights, kicker tournaments and excursions complete the program.


Meetings of the Student Council:
Monday at 18:15


New interested members are welcome any time during our weekly meetings. We have many projects who may well need a helping hand.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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