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Agriculture and nutrition have a long tradition at Justus Liebig University Giessen. Safeguarding the worldwide food supply as well as a healthy nutrition are the focus of research and teaching of all disciplines in our faculty. The broad range of topics and issues goes from primary production to food processing on to the development of environment-friendly land use systems and biogeochemical cycles, all discussed and examined from a scientific and economic point of view.

Global Nutrition: Against the background of globalization and world trade the question of safeguarding international food supply becomes increasingly important for research. Both on the micro as well as on the macro level strategies are developed to overcome hunger and poverty.

Agrarbiotechnology: Scientific research is carried out with state-of-the-art methods to develop healthy, high-yielding and stress resistant crops. Also the breeding and feeding of a strong and healthy livestock is part of this discipline.

Environmantal and Resource Management: How will it be possible despite interventions in nature by livestock and plant production to use the same in a gentle and sustainable way as well as their biotic and abiotic resources? 

Agribusiness: The supply of consumers with sufficient and high-quality food at the right time and place is the focus of the agribusiness experts’ investigations. All private economic activities and their economic political management involved in accomplishing this complex task are carefully studied and analyzed.

Nutrition and Health: Research activities in this area concentrate on the physiological effects of a healthy nutrition, on the development of functional food and the analysis and on the evaluation of biochemical processes within the human organism.

Consumer Protection: Today, food safety and quality are more important than ever before. Therefore, in order to protect the consumer specific information needs to be edited and questions about how to secure the offer of healthy nutrition through the private and public sector have to be discussed.