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EIP Quality Assurance for Bread Wheat

Process development to improve and stabilise baking quality and yield in Hessian variety mixtures and wheat populations

Background information & challenges


  • Stagnation of average yields for organic wheat in Germany, currently approx. 37 dt/ha (2019)
  • Counterproductive cultivation of organic wheat: too much above- and below-ground competition for light and nutrients.
  • Increase yields in wheat cultivation with varieties from organic breeding that have been adapted for this purpose.


Planned innovation & aims


  • Objective: Determination of yield potential per plant for systematic yield increase in the field
  1.         Selection of productive varieties
  2.         Exploiting the yield potential of organic wheat varieties
  • Innovative approach: Honeycomb-breeding method 





  • The quality-focused organic wheat population (Liocharls, FZD) and the yield-focused conventionally bred feed wheat variety Elixer-C as a control were grown under optimal conditions to develop the yield (75 cm plant spacing in triangular association).


Lead Partner


Justus-Liebig-University Gießen

Department for agronomy and plant breeding  II

Professorship of Organic Farming with focus on sustainable soil use


Dr. Ludger Linnemann (Lead Partner)
M.Sc. Christine Hesse

0641/ 99-37731


Project duration


2018 - 2021



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