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Cultivation of soy without land competition through mixed cultivation in wheat and silage maize








  • Potential demand for land in Hesse for the production of soy for feed and food purposes exceeds the current area under soy cultivation many times over; the majority is imported from third countries.
  • High cultivation risk of soy, preference for "safe" crops such as cereals or common grain legumes
  • Due to the scarcity of land, a noticeable increase in soybean acreage would mean a corresponding reduction in the cultivation of other crops.
  • Problem of pigeon damage to soybean seedlings


Planned innovation & aims 


The aim of the project is to develop a cultivation system that increases the cultivation security for soy and does not require any additional land while simultaneously increasing biodiversity.

  • Mixed cultivation of soya in winter wheat and silage maize; soy in addition to the wheat yield from the same area ("on top").
  • Improved utilisation of the growing season and harvesting of the products at different dates ("wide row")
  • Creation of a basis for regional value creation in this area 





  • Procedure implementation and sampling/monitoring, analysis and scientific preparation and presentation.
  • Implementation in practice: Testing of existing technology for the process; formulation of modifications and development requirements compared to agricultural technology in the areas of sowing technology, maintenance technology, harvesting technology.
  • Specification of wheat and soybean varieties: Elaboration and provision of varieties for the detection of the requirements for the procedure mixture partner wheat
  • Communication: creation/maintenance of project homepage, organisation of practical events, coordination of the creation of publications/practical media; networking
  • Agricultural technology: if necessary, bringing in partners from the agricultural technology sector (sowing technology, control, maintenance technology, harvesting technology).


Lead Partner


Professorship of Organic Farming with focus on sustainable soil use

Dr. Konstantin Becker 

Phone: 0641 9937732 



members of the operational group (OG)


Landbauschule Dottenfelderhof e.V.

Forschungsring e.V.

3 landwirtschaftliche Unternehmen

Taifun Tofu GmbH, Landwirtschaftliches Zentrum für Sojaanbau & Entwicklung


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