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Blue eggshell genotyping (chicken)

The Professorship of Animal and Pathogenetics now offers the blue eggshell genetic test (see also GeflügelZeitung 7/2020) for chickens as a service at a price of 28.00 € per sample.

The green eggshell colour is caused by a mutation in the SLCO1B3 gene, which is responsible for the formation of a liver-specific transport protein. Among other things, this protein is involved in the transport of bile acid and dyes. The storage of the bile pigment biliverdin in the egg shell leads to the characteristic green colouring. The trait is inherited dominantly. Therefore, mixed-bred (heterozygous) animals also show the characteristic expression. But only pure-bred (homozygous) animals pass the trait on to ALL offspring. In certain situations, for example when breeding a new breed in which green-shelled eggs are a breeding objective, it may be important to know whether and in what form (pure or mixed) a breeding animal carries the green-shelled mutation. With appropriate effort, this can be concluded from the distribution of the egg colour of the female offspring from a series of matings. This question can be more easily clarified for young animals before they are used for breeding and independently of their sex by means of a genetic test. The DNA extracted from 10 plucked quills in the laboratory is sufficient for the genetic test.


 If you wish to have an investigation carried out, please send us the sample material together with the completed investigation order. As we are not a routine laboratory, processing may take a little longer. Feel free to contact us if you need the results by a fixed date. If you send us larger quantities of samples (>30 pcs.) for analysis, please notify us by telephone or e-mail first. A quantity discount is possible for large orders, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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