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Genetic testing classic grey (alpaca)

The Professorship of Animal and Pathogenetics now offers the genetic test grey factor ("Classic Grey") for alpacas as a service at a price of 28.00 Euro per sample.

The classic grey of the alpaca is very popular with owners and breeders. It must not be confused with other grey variants, e.g. reddish-grey (roan grey) or modern grey. Classic grey lightens the base colour. This brightening is not visible with light base colours (e.g. white, fawn) and can also be overlooked with darker base colours. It has long been suspected that the KIT gene plays an important role in the development of the phenotype. In 2019 Jones et al. were able to confirm this. A point mutation in the 3rd exon of the KIT gene leads to an exchange of an amino acid (glycine to arginine). The trait classical grey is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. This means that heterozygous animals develop the desired phenotype (grey).

In the homozygous state (grey factor on both chromosomes), however, the grey factor is embryologically lethal, and the affected embryos are resorbed in the womb. To avoid such pregnancies, it is recommended to mate classic grey animals only with non-classic grey animals. The genetic test makes it possible to detect grey carriers in unclear cases.

If you wish to have an investigation carried out, please send us the sample material together with the completed investigation order. As we are not a routine laboratory, the processing may take a little longer. Please feel free to contact us if you need the results by a fixed date. If you send us larger quantities of samples (>30 pcs.) for analysis, please notify us by telephone or e-mail first. A quantity discount is possible for large orders, please do not hesitate to contact us!