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TMEM154 Genotyping (sheep)

The Professorship of Animal and Pathogenetics offers the genotyping of the TMEM154 genotype (indication of Maedi-Visna susceptibility) for sheep at a price of 28,00 Euro per sample as a service.


Maedi-Visna is a lentivirus-induced disease complex in sheep. Lentiviruses are spread worldwide and are transmitted via direct animal contact or through milk. There is currently no vaccine or treatment available, so remediation programmes are being used to contain the spread of the virus. However, this does not protect Maedi-free stocks from reinfection. Breeding for reduced susceptibility to lentivirus infections is a promising approach to reduce both the risk of infection and economic losses due to disease outbreaks. In various countries, associations between Maedi Visna susceptibility in sheep and a mutation in the ovine TMEM154 gene have been demonstrated (Heaton et al. 2012; Molaee et al. 2018; 2019). Carriers of the "protective" genotype KK are less susceptible to Maedi Visna infection. It remains to be seen whether this applies equally to all sheep breeds. By means of TMEM154 genotyping it can be determined whether the animals examined carry the K allele. This allows a selection for a lower Maedi Visna susceptibility.


If you wish to have an investigation carried out, please send us the sample material together with the completed investigation order. As we are not a routine laboratory, the processing may take a little longer. Please feel free to contact us if you need the results by a fixed date. If you send us larger quantities of samples (>30 pcs.) for analysis, please notify us by telephone or e-mail first. A quantity discount is possible for large orders. Please do not hesitate to contact us!